Did you know- I’m a Cinco De’Mayo birthday gal? That means that there is a party on my birthday every.single.year! haha!

Did you also know that 10 plus years ago when I started my business, I thought by the time I was in my mid-thirties no one would want to hire me anymore. I thought I’d be “old, outdated, non-relatable” and that a photography career was only for those fresh out of college. Boy was I wrong.

As much as I thought I’d hate seeing that number creeping up, I have to say that my 30’s have been the best years of my life! I’ve gotten my health back, I’ve built businesses, I’ve traveled and explored, I’ve grown my family, I’ve found my tribe and I’ve learned to own my story. I have so much to be grateful for and in a few short years  when I turn the big 4-0, I can look back at this decade of my life and feel like I’ve squeezed out every bit of sweetness and crushed some major goals.
Cheers to saying no to the things that don’t bring me joy, enjoying the small things in life, paying better attention to skin care, having all of your childhood memorabilia/clothes becoming fashionable again and getting in front of the camera!! haha!

This is 37.

So you may be wondering, what is the story with these balloons?? Well…it’s not that interesting! haha!

My daughter recently had her 8th Grade Dinner Dance-which was a glow party and we used these glow in the dark balloons to decorate a backdrop I used to take all of their photos. Instead of popping them and throwing them out, I lugged them home (not even kidding-see the photo below) and did a little birthday shoot with them. I  mean why not!?! haha!



And a little trivia: We blew up over 600 balloons for that party.


I’m a Taurus and according to a quick internet search it also means that I’m:

Emotionally strong, Independant, Loyal, Artistic, Genuine, Quick to Temper, Tomboyish, Passive-Aggressive, Intelligent and Good with Finances. I’ll take it I guess! haha!



And this…..is how I got them home!