family photos with older children

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I love photographing young families….you know the ones with little toddlers running around. I’m not sure maybe I just love the chaos that comes with itty bitties or  that we can play fun games with to get them to laugh or the random things that come out of their mouths! HAHA! But…let me tell you, I also LOVE photographing older children who know how to follow directions! HAHAHAH!

But seriously, there’s a different vibe with family photos when you’re dealing with a young family versus those who have grown children. We still have all the fun, but they tend to go a little faster because-well, we don’t have to chase anyone! haha!

These guys were so much fun! They put up with and went along with all my shenanigans. They are also funny and big hearted!

Here are some fun facts about them:

Pap owns an ’84  Winnebago and it may be more of the love of his life than my mom 🙂
Nana was valedictorian of her high school class.
Dad is a world record holder.
Mom had three children for a total birth weight of under 14 pounds.
Katie had her art work displayed at the Andy Warlhol museum.
Megan danced at Disneyland in CA.
Emma’s birthday is 7/7/07.

Does anyone have any special talents?

“My dad/pap plays the accordion and taught Katie mad skills.  Katie plays piano.  Megan and Emma dance.  Bill is an extremely talented woodworker although his day job is an electrician.  I am a great singer although lately I’m just the church lady singer.  My mom has been called the New Florence nose – she taught Journalism and can smell out a story and get to the bottom of it.”-Tricia


Awe…I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sister shot!

Because all grandchildren need a photo with Pap and Nana!!!

Want to see more images from their session, check out the video below!


I can’t wait to work with Megan in a short few weeks to photograph her senior photos! I have a strange feeling we’re going to be laughing the entire time! haha!