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Barn at Rayne Run Wedding Reception

By June 17, 2019 No Comments

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Reasons I love small town receptions:

  1. guests don’t have to worry about parking, valeting their vehicles or if they’ve downloaded this app or have change for the machines!
  2. they’re charming and on this particular day, the cicadas were out making the loudest most soothing sounds. (yinz city folks ain’t gonna know what that sounds like! haha)
  3. often times everything is at one venue so there’s no rushing around or hustle/bustle of getting thru traffic
  4. they’re more intimate
  5. you get to watch the “lightening bugs” in the evenings and you always ALWAYS get a gorgeous sky at the end of the evening!



The Barn at Rayne Run Wedding Photographer | Summer Wedding

How gorgeous is this sky! It’s my favorite time of the day when the sun has gone below the horizon but the colors linger and the light is soft!  I wish you could hear the cicadas off in the distance. Sure they are gross, ugly bugs, but man do they sound beautiful.

Katelyn was going for a romantic rustic theme. They used lots of sky blue, gold and greenery….. it was so cozy.


Do you see the bridges on the cookie table??! I love that little touch!


The Dad speech!

The first dance. I always try my best to photograph it with the guests in the background. I feel the background of the images is just as important as the subject. Often times the things I find in the background make me smile!

It’s par-tay time!!


I love the joy in this photo!


I try my best with every single wedding to sneak the Bride and Groom outside before we leave for a few night shots! These always end up being some of my favorite…maybe it’s the lighting but I think it has a lot to do with the face that all the stress is gone <3


Katelyn and Dan, I’m so so so excited and honored that I got to document your day! I’m kind of sad it’s over! I see big big things in your future and I hope our paths cross again! <3