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The Barn at Rayne Run Outdoor Ceremony | Wedding Photographer

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The Barn at Rayne Run is a family owned Barn venue in the Marion Center located in Indiana County. It’s been restored down the frame and it has perfect touches if you’re going for that rustic, small town feel. I feel so honored to be listed on their preferred vendors list <3 Just wait until you see the reception details in my future blog. In the meantime, check out some images from this beautiful summer outdoor wedding ceremony in the field just outside of the barn.

“We both spent a lot of time looking for a wedding venues (I mean a LOT of time). During the search your name kept coming up all over the different areas that we were viewing as potential options for everything to take place. It became clear to me after seeing many of your photos at many different venues that you take great pictures and are well known/respected in the area. It was one of the easiest decisions I have had to make so far in the process because I felt so confident about my choice!”- Katelyn!



How did you two love birds meet?
Dan and I had known each other for about 4 years or so through mutual friends and did not start dating until my sophomore year of high school and his senior year. Before we started to date we had gym class together. My friends and I signed up for weight lifting so that we could be in the same section as some boys that we thought were cute only to find out none of them including Dan signed up for weightlifting but instead signed up for tennis. So we were stuck in weightlifting for a few weeks and not that thrilled about it. But a few weeks later Dan and his friends signed up for weightlifting again so of course we did too. Due to my lack of knowledge for gym equipment Dan and I began to talk again when he offered his help as I struggled to use the hamstring curl machine. – Katelyn


Splurge on a new perfume. It’s a great way to capture the day’s memories. Scent is a strong memory trigger. Every time you catch a smell of that fragrance after the wedding, it will take you back to your wedding day.

Dan and I had gone on our first vacation just the two of us to visit our high school friend and future bridesmaid (but she doesn’t know that yet!)  in St. Augustine Florida and while we were there he popped the question! Since we were staying with our friend for the trip he booked us a bed and breakfast on the beach for the night. When we arrived Dan took me down to the beach while my friend set up the rose petals, flowers and candles for us. The plan was to propose on the beach but the weather was not our friend that day. Once she was finished Dan and I headed back up from the beach. I went in ahead of Dan and saw everything all set up and as I turned around he was down on one knee and I immediately said yes! Of course me being the pain and the butt that I am (according to Dan- I personally like to call it me being curious though) I asked many questions leading up the proposal including watching our carry on bags on the screen as they went through security. Of course I had no idea so I was just looking at the screen and saying how cool it was that I could see all the items in my bag. Dan did not think it was that cool as he had the ring in his carry on bag. I did not see that though but I do think I managed to make Dan sweat on accident. The day was perfect!


Dan says that he noticed that I dressed really cute, always wearing dresses (I guess my efforts did not go unnoticed)

I noticed how tall he was and thought I don’t think this will work unless I start wearing some taller shoes.

Katey for Dan- Compassionate, Patient and Hardworking

Dan for Katey- Humorous, Loyal and Responsible

-Dan can fall asleep in less then 6 seconds (It is actually really annoying- One minute you are having a discussion and the next it is you talking to yourself)

-Katey’s birthday has fallen on the weekend before Dan’s finals every year we have been together.

-We likely met as tots when Katey’s grandfather and Dan’s Dad worked at the same company and took us to Christmas parties


About a month into dating Dan and I are were making out in my driveway that is slanted in his manual transmission car only to soon realize that we were rolling backwards down my driveway! I thought it was hilarious and at the time Dan did not find it quite as funny. Thankfully we managed to stop in time to avoid taking out any bushes and keep it from our parents until maybe right now. At this time Dan would like me to note that he is normally a very responsible stick shift driver he just didn’t pull the E-brake the whole way.- Katelyn

Dan- Discs (for disc golf), food, exercise

Katey-Phone, contacts (to see), bagels

 I love that the ring bearers carried oversized white balloons down the aisle! It was the perfect touch!

I do!


It was the most perfect day for an outdoor wedding!

A petal throw!!!


I love the happiness in this photo!


Stay tuned for some images from their barn reception! In the meantime, head on over to my Instagram where I’ll be sharing more in between!



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