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Oak Lodge Wedding Receptions | Summer Wedding

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Incase you missed the first blog, you can check that out here. Oak Lodge Wedding Photographer | Part 1 of 2

It’s my favorite place to shoot. Perhaps because it’s a one stop shop. There’s lodging (cabins, farm house, bed and breakfast at the lodge) on the property for guests to stay, eat, a place relax with a massage at the spa (which they are expanding by the way), hiking trails (in the gorgeous Laurel Highland Mountains) , fishing, an indoor pool AND of course their famous maple syrup!

Maybe it’s because it’s secluded and located in far away from the hustle and bustle of the city..or maybe it’s because the entire staff from Matt and his assistant Alyssa, to the grounds keepers and the chef are always so welcoming and friendly. I love when I get to work there and there’s something about the “type of” Brides that place attracts that always just vibes!

One Stop Shop Locations:
Let’s talk about locations that are one stop shops! A few of the benefits from having everything all in one location is ……time and stress! There’s no coordinating transportation for the entire wedding party, there’s no driving to and from the hair stylist, makeup artist, location 1, location 2, the church, the reception-you get the idea! Also, it doesn’t  eat into your photo time because there is no drive time, no traffic, no rush hours, or construction to figure out.

Often times the drive time eats up a large portion of your coverage-especially if you’re church and your reception are further from each other. We would spend 30 minutes driving from one location to another, finding parking, getting in and out of the limo…all when we could be creating images. Sometimes is necessary….but if there is a way to do everything in one location, it’s always ideal!


The Grand Entrance!

My favorite part of the speeches were that her former students stood up and said a few words. I’ve been to A LOT of weddings over the years and I have to say, their speeches were so thoughtful, witty and sentimental. Sometimes, I tune out the speeches as I’m shooting, I’m always looking for photo opportunities and sometimes I don’t even hear all of the words they are speaking, but they were so good! Kudos guys!

The first dance under the twinkle lights!

Another fun fact: her dress wouldn’t bustle correctly, so I McGyvered a rubber band and bustled it so that it wouldn’t drag for her dances. Sometimes, you just have to roll with the punches!


After the dances, everyone moved out side and enjoyed the outdoor patio available at Oak Lodge. It was originally calling for rain the day of the wedding, so the fact that everyone could enjoy the evening outdoors was so so awesome! It ended up being the perfect wedding day weather. Pennylsvania can be funny like that sometimes!

Plenty of outdoor seating for guests to enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

The dance floor was hopping all night long!

…and then the alcohol started to kick in! HAHAHAH!

One thing that always surprises me when I shoot weddings, is the amount of Brides and Grooms who don’t dance together after their first slow dance. You’d be surprised how many of them separate and go off to talk to the guests and then never enter the dance floor again as a couple….so imagine my excitement when they not only danced together but they genuinely had so much fun! <3

And the end of the night shot! I try to get one when possible at every wedding!! <3


I can not wait for you to see everything…this is just a drop in the bucket! Get prepared for many laughs when I send you over your gallery. My advice is to grab a bag of popcorn as you go thru them all. I hope you laugh as hard as I did when editing! MWAH!!