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Oak Lodge Wedding Photographer | Summer Wedding

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Here’s the thing about weddings…..none of them are the same. I have shot well over 300 of them in my career and I can’t remember a single one of them being identical. I think my favorite part is the fact that they are all different and I always imagined myself working somewhere where things were different and not the same everyday. I sit back and think sometimes how truly grateful I am to have landed exactly where I belong! I get to work with people on the happiest day of their lives, I get to go to a party every weekend and I get to document their lives. When I’m long gone from this world, I know that I left behind something that people will value….and I love that I get to witness all the of sentimental touches that makes their day so incredible.

With all of that said, Heidi went above and beyond with little sentimental details that made her wedding so so so special, meaningful and “oh so them!”. Let me tell you a few fun facts about this wedding:

  • Her students are such a huge part of her life and have inspired her more than anyone else.  Three of her past students were in the wedding party and one of her past students performed the service and officiated the wedding.
  • She surprised Matt, the Groom with an acoustic version of “I wanna grow old with you” by Adam Sandler from the Wedding singer during one of the readings at the ceremony. The entire wedding party sang and I may have cried.
  • She wore hiking boots under her dress so that we could get all the fun shots without having to worry about fancy shoes getting dirty!
  • They brought fishing poles for a few of their photos
  • Almost no one from the wedding was actually from Pennsylvania. Many of them had flown in from out of state and in some cases-out of the country.
  • They both skipped down the aisle after being announced as husband and wife

….gah, I just love them!


Here’s just a small peek in their Matt + Heidi’s day….other wise known as “Petri + Queen Nerdling”…….

A Rustic Wedding Venue located in the Laurel Highlands of Scenic Pennsylvania


“I actually got proposed to twice.  Matt took me out to a nice dinner where we saw two huge bull moose right outside of our table.  He then drove into Rocky Mountain National Park where he stopped and took out a blanket to start gaze by Poudre Lake.  We were the only two people there.  Then he proposed to me opening the ring box with a light that illuminated the ring.  The next day….. he took me on a “guided hike” that he plotted out himself.  I am not good at following and hate wondering off the trails.  Matt kept veering off the trail and walking through bushes while I was going nuts until we ended up on a hill at the base of St. Mary’s Glacier and he showed me the GPS trail map where we had just walked.  The end result of all the zig zagging was “Marry Me.”- Heidi


Fun fact: the bouquet shot was taken in a bathtub!

The bride and bridesmaids get ready in what’s called “The Eagles Nest” on Oak Lodge’s property. As you can see, there are HUGE windows on two sides nestled among all of the trees!

Ohh the adventures you will go on!!


Authentic laughs are my favorite!

The Bride Gang….bridesmaids and bridesman! <3

Heidi: The first thing I noticed about Matt was that he was a truly giving person and right off the bat loved that I was a teacher and volunteered to help out with my students getting them caught up on a Saturday to make up from all the school we missed when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.

Matt: The first thing I noticed about Heidelberg was her beautiful smile and how adventurous she was.

The First Look

What do you currently do and what would your dream job be?
“I am currently an AP biology and honors biology teacher and I LOVE what I do every day.  As dorky as it sounds, my dream job would be opening my own school called Nerdling Academy that would service predominantly low income, high minority students who cannot afford private school, and being able to staff it with the most amazing teachers around.” – Heidi

“I am currently site manager at an oil and gas plant.  My dream job would be a fishing guide or a professional fisherman.”- Matt


Who said “I love you” first?
” I made him a photo book for Christmas titled “The Adventures of Heidelberg and Petri Part I” (our nicknames for each other) and on the last page of the photo book I told him all the reasons why I loved him and at the end of the page, I said” I love you.””- Heidi

Heidi: Petri is….altruistic, eager and optimistic.

Matt: Heidi is…giving,  loving and truly amazing.


1.) I call Matt Petri because he reminds me of the pterodactyl from “The Land Before Time” and now he hops around and makes pterodactyl like squawking noises…well I wasn’t alive for the dinosaurs but I can only assume he makes the same noise LOL.

2.) We both LOVE Christmas.  This past year we threw a party for over 50 of my students.  We took over an entire culinary arts wing of the school, made over 200 cookies from scratch and had games and fun for all.  Love doesn’t describe Christmas for us…obsession is probably a more appropriate word.  Also…Matt still believes in Santa.

3.) Matt made up a song for my name which turned into my nickname…he set “Heidelberg” to the tune of “Spiderpig” from the Simpsons movie.  We rarely ever call each other by Heidi or Matt.

4.) I go by “Queen Nerdling” to my students and I call them little Nerdlings.

5.) Matt absolutely loves fishing and owns tons of rods, reels, pokey things, and squirmy things….I am honestly terrified of fish and refuse to touch them.  This is also funny because I have a degree in marine biology.  However, I actually enjoy fishing as long as I don’t have to touch them.  I caught my first trout in Poudre Lake where we got engaged.

6.) I, Heidi am terrible at decorating.  For example when we moved in together I tried to hang an antler off of the side of the mantle which made the mantle look like a lop-sided deer.  Petri had to decorate our house.  Also…Heidelberg CAN NOT throw her trash away.  She tries, but Petri will find bits and pieces of things left over.


Heidi: Air conditioning, the Petri, and Mexican food

Matt: Fishing, The Heidelberg, and hot dogs


Heidi’s Dad doing a reading quoting one of my favorite books: “The Alchemist”.

…..I wanna grow old with youuuuuuu!!

Vows with personality!! <3

I do….I do too!

They skipped down the aisle!!!


We loved that so many of your photo’s captured those cute, playful candid moments.  We loved the lighting and angles you use as well.


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