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Camping Adventures in the 1960’s Vintage Scottie Camper

By May 30, 2019 No Comments

Growing up …we went camping A LOT! We usually went to Pymatuming and we almost ALWAYS visited the reservoir spillway where they stocked all the nasty carp fish. We’d take up our old bread and watch them go after it…man, it was so gross! I can still hear the sound of all the slurping from up on the bank of the millions of fish…it gives me the heebie-jeebies.

We didn’t have cabins to stay in, or even a camper. We’d usually pop up a tent or sleep in the back of the truck and I always envied those with campers because they could go inside when it was raining! But man did we have all the memories…at least for the years that we did go.  All these years later, my Mom and Step Dad gave up the tent and opted for a permeant camp up near Tidioute -past Cooks Forest for those of you who aren’t familiar. They have running water, a shower, a tv and all the modern amenities like a stove and refrigerator. Camping is a little different now-a-days.

On the holiday weekends when all of our family, their spouses and children come can get a little crowded. Most of the kids end up sleeping in tents…but ‘m not a good “tent camper” in my older age -listen to me, I sound like I’m 80! But honestly, sleeping on the cold ground with little cushion doesn’t sound fun anymore… but a vintage camper-now that’s how I roll!

I wanted one for EVER and as you may or may not know, there aren’t exactly thousands lined up for sale and when you do find one they usually need restored. We found ours rotting in a field about 10-15 minutes from where we live. I blinked my sad eyes at Greg and the next thing we knew-we were hauling it home and Greg was in charge of restoring it! HAHAHA! It’s not “fancy” in terms of shower and bathrooms but dang it, I don’t have to sleep on the cold ground. It’s super lite and I foresee lots of little adventures in our future.

Our first adventure was to my Mom’s camp this past Memorial Day weekend since it was the long weekend that everyone could get off work. There’s never a dull moment as you can see below. We went fishing, sat around campfires, had water balloon and mud fights, drank a few adult beverages and made a few memories.


He’s such a ham when the camera comes out anymore!


There she is! Getting setup!

I remember one time when the camping stove caught on fire and my Dad had to use an entire gallon of milk to put it out. It was the gallon of milk we were supposed to use for breakfast. We can laugh about it now-but at the time, it wasn’t very funny. Did I mention that it was also raining and we were stuck under a blue tarp trying to cook from the picnic table. The whole thing was a mess……but I remember it and it makes me laugh.



This whole set cracks me up! He was so excited to catch the fish…but not so excited to see the fish! haha!


Look Pap Pap…there’s one!


High fives from Dad for another good catch.

Fishing adventures with Pap Pap.

Juice box break!


Grandma was in there…..He’s a bad influence

Fishing with Uncle Jacob and his friend Johny.

We got rain almost every day-not complete rain outs…but we definitely got some rain. We hung out in our cozy camper eating snacks and watching the boob tube.

camp boo boo’s.  Boys will be boys.


Breakfast at camp! Everyone grabs a plate!  French toast, eggs, bacon and hash browns!

We had to put up a tarp…we joked that at least it was red, white and blue. I’m in the process of ordering a customized one that fits the era of the camper for the next time.

Grandma and Pap at camp…they are twinsies.

Rainy day. My mom bought a bunch of beads from some where and sometimes on the rainy days all the kids from camp come over to make bracelets from them. There’s enough for 20 more years of bracelet making!

This is the pop cycle club….also known as the little baby hot tub.


Rain Ball. It got pretty intense!

Living his best life.

Water balloon and mud fights…….camp life. It was nice not seeing them behind the screens of their phones this weekend.

River float + fish!

And we can’t go camping with out catching the good’ol crayfish. Levi kept calling them bugs. He hates bugs. haha

Look-I caught one using a fancy container! Just kidding-it’s a whipped cream container! Redneck Tupperware!


Sis teaching little bro how to cast……but someone needs to teach her how to cast because she kept getting it snagged! haha

He’s not a tree hugger….he’s a Mommy hugger!


That’s a wrap! Adventure #1 was a success! We stayed dry, we slept good and my back doesn’t feel like an 80 year old! We’re planning our next adventure. Operation Create Memories!