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Meet baby Stevie and his Mom Page.

You know sometimes when you meet someone for the first time, you  just click. You feel instantly connected and so comfortable….that’s exactly the feeling I got when they walked thru the studio doors. For all that she’s been thru this past year of losing her Fiance and having her baby unexpectedly early…she was just a ball of energy and so happy and enthusiastic about baby Stevie. I hadn’t known her for more than 5 minutes and I felt like I had known her a life time.

You know that saying “She’s one strong Mama!”  Well….she’s one strong Momma! She learned she was pregnant just 4 days before her Fiance passed away and thru having to navigate all the feelings of loss and pregnancy…she has the most amazing gift. I love her outlook on life and I have no doubt that Stevie is going to have the best life! He already can’t stop smiling!! <3


How did you choose his name?
His full name is Steven James Meyers Jr. I chose this name to honor his daddy who is the other half of my heart. His nickname will be Stevie, which was his daddy’s nickname. But also, his daddy and I love Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks, and that is how we began to talk (which lead his daddy to asking me on a date (: ).

Look at that smile!!

He looks like a little old man in this photo! I freakin love it!

Baby Feet!!!

How adorable is this baby elephant outfit Mom picked up!! It’s also Grandma approved!

I truly do not think we stumbled upon each other by  accident and I’m honored to have been able to document this amazing time in their lives! <3