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By May 17, 2019 No Comments

I realize it’s been a hot minute since I posted any blog posts about my own family. I typically would get on here every so many months and do a “real life-behind the scenes” type post updating what is new with the family. It was mostly for myself to look back on. You see, that’s how essentially my blog started way back in 2006. It was mostly just photos of just my family to keep other family who lived out of town updated on what was going on. I enjoy looking back thru the older posts and reminiscing about the good old days when Mallory was much younger. She used to be plastered all over my blog when she was Levi’s age…back when she didn’t run from my camera and tell me no that her hair is a mess or that she didn’t have on the right outfit….teenagers these days I tell ya! haha!

You may notice a theme in my house….toddlers with no pants! I assure you, adults have not adopted the “no pants policy” and we do in fact walk around our house with trousers…but stubborn little, independent wannabe toddlers wear no pants around here. They are the first thing he rips off when we get back home-well, pants AND socks!  I won’t get started on the socks.

If you were to show up at my house announced on any given day, this is totally what you could expect. No pants, probably a saggy diaper (we’re working on that whole potty training thing), toys all over the house and cartoons playing in the background.

His newest obsession is games! I think it might be the little pieces…maybe the noises…I have no clue but he’ll put out game after game after game. Sometimes not even playing the actual game but just going thru the pieces-then he’ll put it back and out with the next. It’s been nothing but rainy days here in this corner of Pennsylvania so we’ve been playing a lot of them lately.

He’s taken a liking to the fish game though. But if you catch one, you must put it right back or he isn’t having it! He plays by zero rules. Just like his mama!

He turns 3 in July and it’s been fun watching him as he’s been navigating the toddler years. His words are getting better every day and it seems like he’s learning new ones every time we turn around. It’s been a while since Mallory was this small…but it’s been fun to do it all over again-well, most days anyways! HAHAH!

Such concentration


His tongue comes out when he’s serious!

Why can’t  I have these eye lashes!


This is the UT-OH face!

When I was his age, my favorite game was Candy Land but Chutes and Ladders was high up there and so was Perfection…although that game gave me such high anxiety! Maybe that’s were all my anxiety stems from! HAHAHA!

Also…I vote that board games start making plastic boxes!!