Senior Photos in Oak Grove | IUP

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Fun fact: I gradated from IUP. I have a Communication Media degree and this is my old stomping ground! I have so many fond memories of the Oak Grove and the fact that she chose it as part of her senior session made me so happy!

It looks the same yet so different. Many of the same buildings are still standing but they have updated and torn down a few of the original buildings-regardless it was nostalgic for me! I live so close to campus but yet we never go to just hang out so this was so much fun to walk around and find places to shoot with Alyssa!


I would love to be an Art teacher! I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, but I was never sure as to which subject until last school year when I took art history and learned to really appreciate art and it’s significance in culture and life in general. art has been such a huge part of my life, and I really want to be able to be a part of keeping the arts alive. I want to make sure that the arts remain as an important part of people’s lives.


“When i was in kindergarten, one time at lunch we had chicken nuggets and fries. for some reason, when i went to eat a nugget and a fry together, I could not discern what was my finger and what was a fry, so i bit down hard right onto my finger! five year old me was terrified that I had broken my finger, so i was crying, and a lunch lady escorted me to the nurses office. I went in, told the nurse my situation, and she laughed at me. i, being very young and not understanding how silly the situation was, was so humiliated. she still brings it up every time i pass her in Wal-Mart, even though it’s been almost 13 years!”- Alyssa

1.) i have a dog, he’s a papillon and his name is Harley

2.) my favorite food is salmon

3.) my favorite core subjects are history and English

4.) when I’m older I really want to spend a few weeks in a European country and travel arpund europe

5.) I love pastel colors! my favorites are yellow, lavender, and blue.


Whenever I’m not in school, I’m usually at dance or at rehearsal for a play or musical. I have been involved in BHS’ theatre program since 6th grade, and I’ve been in chorus since 4th grade. Because of my dedication to the music department, I’m also a part of Tri M, which is a music honors society.

I want to remember all of the memories and fun times I’ve had with all of my friends here, especially since I know that unfortunately most of our friendships will fade after this coming school year comes to a close.

I’ve known about Jen McKen for a while because I’ve lived in Blairsville for my whole life and she’s probably one of the most talked about photographers in the area. I love that she is able to capture so much personality in all of her photos!


She reminds me so much of one of my junior high and high school best friends Laura! Laura if you’re reading this….she legit reminds me SO MUCH of you!!!!


I’m obsessed with her curly hair!



I had so much walking around my alma mater with Alyssa…it brought back so many memories! Thanks for all the giggles!!