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Urban Room + Grand Ballroom at Omni William Penn

By September 18, 2019 No Comments

Gina’s dad surprised her with a special performance half way thru the reception which resulted in tears-lots of tears. There was also lots of laughter and lots of dancing. They hired the band Protege which is a team of 12 who get your guests out of their seat from moment they entered the room! I love that they invited the guests to gather around during the first dance because you can see reactions in the background!

It was such a high energy night and we ended with some beautiful night shots in the city! Just wait until you see them!




Cake- Tasty Bakery

Band- Protege

Flowers- Blue Daisy Floral Designs

Videography- Christina Montemurro

Linens- Linen Hero


Wedding Ceremony  in the Urban Room at Omni William Penn

The room is black. Black walls, black on the ceiling, black out curtains….just BLACK. I love black-it’s my favorite color as you could see by wardrobe….but it can suck to shoot in. Photography is all about light and this room is like a black hole that sucks all the light SO we have to create it! It turned out beautifully!


Not a single cell phone!!! Everyone is fully present AND you can see their faces!



I do….


I do too!

TA DA!!!!

SO SO Beautiful!!!


Fun fact: her dress and cake were twinsies!! The beads were replicated on the icing…it was beautiful!


The good’ol SW PA cookie table! nom nom nom!


Introductions…they came in hot with dancing! They had a full band that kept the crowd on their toes all night long!

That cake!!!

Her Dad surprised her with a special performance ….so many tears!


…and then Grandma got up to dance!


I absolutely LOVE this image! This! So much THIS!

As always, I snuck them out of their reception for some city shots! TOTALLY WORTH IT!


A few smooches inside the revolving doors!

We attracked quite the crowed! They cheered them on whistling and clapping! It was so flipp’in awesome! Complete strangers who helped us celebrate right in the streets!


BOOM! There ya have it! One of my FAVORITE shots from the entire day!