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I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face: “Pick a location that MEANS something!”

If you want your photos to be meaningful….let’s go to that place that has meaning! Maybe it’s a location nobody else would choose -that’s ok, because it’s not their story-it’s yours!

The goal is to be ale to point to the photos many years from now and have a story to tell about the people *IN* the photo AND the things in the background! Things will not look the same in 20, 30, or 40 years…don’t you want to remember them just the way they are!?

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I love that Jess chose to do their family session on the family property! Oh the stories they will tell about it one day!


I’ve always loved the vibrancy of their barn! With the yellow and gray clothing color scheme…it looks amazing!


I love how her hair catching that good old November light!

Her knees have bunnies on them!! And if you look hard enough, you’ll notice little man lost his first tooth!!

All he wants for Christmas is his front tooth!!

Her and those eyes!!


…and those faces! haha!  I love the 3-5 age, I think because their little personalities are without apology! Their little quirks come thru the best at that age!

I’m pretty sure her kids belong in ads…lots and lots of ads!


These silly moments are the ones you will miss the most when they are grown and don’t want to cuddle anymore! I know as a Mom, I can attest to that!! <3


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