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Fall Wedding at the Chetremon Wedding Venue

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She’s always been so bubbly every time I work with her…and her giggle is so contagious! I’ll never forget when she reached out to see if I was available! I keep track of all of my emails, and here is one that she sent me:

“Hello! I have been following you for several years now and have fallen in love with your pictures! I am engaged and it is MY turn to get pictures. I just wanted to know if you are free September 21st 2019 and if not, what dates are you free around that date or in November?  Thank you!”

Guys…I wasn’t available in September so she moved her date to November! Talk about having faith in me!!! <3

I couldn’t have asked for a better November day or a better November couple to photograph!!



The Chetremon Golf Course| Clearfield County, PA


Isaac and I pick pumpkins and have a carving contest every year. We get the pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch. We just finished dinner with Isaac’s grandma and we were headed home and I begged to pick pumpkins. He said he had planned on doing that also that nigh. (I had been begging for 2 weeks) It was dark so I had my phone flashlight on. I was aggressively stomping on a vine to get it detached from the pumpkin and Isaac said “Look at this one!” When I turned around, he was down on one knee with the most amazing ring I had ever seen. I wouldn’t have been able to pick out a more beautiful ring.




The First Look with Dad ended in a few tears!! <3

ISAAC!!!! We had been friends for a while before we started dating and he said he loved me shortly after we started dating. We were in my driveway he was dropping me off at my house (because I didn’t even have my drivers license yet…)

Emilie and Isaac exchanged gifts and notes to each other around a corner. They wanted to keep the first look for when she was coming down the aisle but still wanted to spend a few moments together before the ceremony. It was such a sweet moment!

Isaac describing Emilie- “goodie-two- shoes”

Emilie describing Isaac- Life of the party


I dare you not to smile! These 3 stole the show!!  So much personality!



I love this last glance Greg captured before she walked down the aisle.

1. in Emilie’s family Isaac is known by a few names: Merv and  Newton

2. has a large obsession with cattle

3.  weirdly good at voice-overs on snap-chat


1. Scared of everything basically

2. Deathly afraid of vomiting!!!!!

3.  Isaac gave me a mini-donkey for our 5-year anniversary her name is Aspen


Officially Hitched!

“Last hunting season Isaac took me hunting and put me in a spot that “basically guaranteed” a buck. the biggest buck came out in front of me, but there were 3 trees blocking my view of it so i never even saw it. Isaac was 10 yards from me and shot it instead…” -Emilie

Three things Isaac can’t live out:

1. cheesecake

2. cows

3.  phone


A little “behind the scenes” action going on! I call this the “pack mule”! haha! I have all my equipment strapped to me plus the brides fur shaw!

Three things Emilie can’t live without:

1. phone

2. talking to my mom 1,000 times a day to update her on what I am doing…

3. sweets

Wedding Receptions at the Chetremon in Cherry Tree, PA


One of the things I love about this venue are all the windows…and the views! Everywhere you look it’s gorgeous with tree lines and golf course.

The first dance surrounded by all of their wedding party and the guests! I love the uplighting and the ceiling in these shots!


The Toasts resulted in a few laughs…a LOT Of laughs!



Let’s Get This Party Started!!!

and one of the very last shots of the evening! We snuck out for a few kisses by the fire!! <3

“I follow you on social media and I fell in love with your ability to capture people at the most perfect moments. I also like sentimental photos just like you do.”- Emilie