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By November 1, 2019 No Comments

By traditional standards….we did things WAY backwards and a little unconventional! We had a baby, bought a house and started businesses together BEFORE we got married! I’ve always been a rule breaker-what can I say! haha! 19 years total…that’s a whole lot of memories!

They say that there’s always one person in every relationship that’s a little “more romantic”….that’s him. He’s always been more thoughtful than me, more patient that me and definitely more romantic than me. The things he comes up with always boggle my mind and there are times that I sit back and just watch him work, cook or play with the kids and think how lucky I am. I probably don’t tell him enough.

2 years ago, he planned a surprise wedding in Vegas. We had always joked that we should just run away and get married in Vegas since we had done everything else unconventionally! It would be a good story to tell we’d say. Little did I know, he organized everything including getting Mallory out of school, plane tickets, hotels…the whole nine yards without me having a single clue. I woke up that morning thinking he was leaving for a business trip that I had known about for MONTHS only to find out that he had left a day early to organize all the last minute details. He organized a scavenger hunt thru the house with hand written notes and clues where to find the next. When I got to the end, there were my suitcases, my passport and a print out of my plane ticket telling me that I was leaving the next morning (he even arranged to have a driver) to head to the airport so that we could get married!

When we landed, he was standing in the Vegas airport waiting for us with a welcome sign that said “the future mrs. bish”. I mean, he only left me less than 24 hours to find a dress to wear- but it’s a story I’ll be telling the Grandkids one day!


Happy Anniversary Baby Daddy!! I love you more than you might ever know and I’m so proud of the little life and family we created-even if it was a little backwards!!


I’m so thankful for Krystal Tirado at Krystal Healy Photography for her time and talent to take my family photos and some headshots! I’m trying to practice what I preach and get myself in the photos with my family!


It feels good to have a few photos of all of us together! I’m ordering canvases to go up on the wall.


He’s a cheeser!