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Yes, you read that right….these are “winter engagement photos”. I shot there on January 12th on a weekend that had a record high of the high 60’s in 100 years! haha! So you won’t find any snow and luckily for us, Skyler’s Grandparents have an AMAZINGLY landscaped backyard with lots of luscious greenery in the dead of winter when everything else is pretty sparse! Add in the fact that they brought along their furbaby Conan along and we had the perfect day for an engagement session! So before I get a thousand emails asking me where this location is…it’s top secret! haha! But seriously-it’s private property!

This is the first time Beck (that guy with the pipes below) has graced the presences of my blog, but that pretty little lady…well, I shot her senior photos several years ago so you probably have seen her on the blog before! And they were shot at the very same location! I loved that they picked a location that was meaningful!!

When she reached out, I squealed because anytime I get to document the next phase in someone’s life, it is THE BIGGEST compliment! It’s such an honor to get to follow people’s journeys and be a part of them!

Her email read: “I’m not sure if you remember me (pshhh, how could I forget her!), but you did my senior photos. I remember you because I absolutely loved your photos and the fun that came with the shoot. Recently, I got engaged! You were the first person that came to mind when it came to engagement photos, and I would love if you could do the wedding photos, too!” <insert squeals>

Girl…….I hope you had even MORE fun this time around!! I mean, it sure looks like it! <3

Indiana, PA Engagement Photographer

Beck- “I first noticed that you sucked at the 400M race”

Alternate answer: Attractiveness

Skyler- his blue eyes and deep voice

Our favorite things to do, and things we really bonded over, were and still are hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, working out, traveling, eating, and watching movies together (I always fall asleep)

Our  favorite hobby is working out.

We were in Philadelphia around Christmas (which I mean would have been the perfect time). We went out to a nice dinner and a Christmas orchestra, and on the way back we saw the big Christmas tree and walked through a Christmas village. We got back to the hotel and as we are standing in the walk in closet hanging up our coats he hugged me and said “I couldn’t do it.”  Confused, I said, “Do what?” He explained to me that the whole night he wanted to propose but couldn’t. He had the ring in his pocket (and hand at one point). He went on to say that one of our family members wasn’t there, and he didn’t want to propose without him— our dog, Conan. So for the rest of the night in Philly, I asked him how everyone reacted when he asked/told them and he went through each one. The day we went home, I could see outline of the ring in the bag in his pocket.

When we got home, I began wrapping presets and when I finished, I laid on the floor with Conan. It was then that Beck laid down on the floor next to us, ring in hand, and asked me if I was ready to become a family.


Beck said I love you first. He was dropping me off at my house after the fair and said it on my back door step.

1. Our ability to adapt to each others interests

2. We rather stay at home with our dog, watch movies, and make dinner than go out for the night

3. We never go to bed angry


Skyler is giving, funny, and beautiful

Beck is smart, ambitious, and particular.


1. Could eat ice cream everyday

2. Always wears sweatshirts (even at the beach)

3. Falls asleep in the car anytime we drive for more than 10 minutes


1. Can eat more than a dozen cookies in one sitting like nothing (or any large steak)

2. Best griller around

3. Listens to podcasts and books instead of music

“When Beck and I started dating, he told me that he wanted to go kayaking. I just got a brand new one from the sale that Gander Mountain was having. I was super excited to try out my new kayak so I was quick to say yes to the idea. He told me he found a body of water (river looking) on the map. We show up to the place to put in and I soon realize that this body of water was a shallow stream. Beck still thinks it’ll work so he puts me and my kayak in the water. Right off the bat, I almost go off a 10 ft drop that we didn’t we see under the bridge. I had to paddle upstream to get to safety. Beck still insists we try so we drag our kayaks across the road into a cornfield and find a new put in spot. Me (the genius I am) wore a bikini that day thinking I would get a tan on the peaceful water. Wrong. At this new put in spot I slid down a muddy hill just covering myself with mud. Beck still thinks it’s a good idea to go.

Long story short, this was just a preview of the rest of the trip. We had to get out of the water many times because the stream wasn’t big enough for our kayaks. I had to drag my kayak through skunk cabbage barefoot (I lost my shoes in the mud). Beck was chest deep in the stream and had to pull my kayak up and over logs. I came face to face with a wood spider and cried. I told Beck I hated him multiple times. Beck and I were dying of starvation and dehydration because we ate our poptarts and drank our Capri suns in the first 10 minutes of the trip. Our water became contaminated with stream water. When we finally reached land we went to Beck’s grandmas for ice cream and to put sugar in our bodies. When we got home, Beck was throwing up from a margarine and wouldn’t  eat the butter toast I made him.

He told me I passed the test to be with him, but I think I proved I was mentally stronger than him.

We now refer to this trip as the Kayak Trip from Hell :)” – Skyler


1. Room to breathe (space)

2. Gym

3. My Fitness Pal app


1. Sweatshirts

2. My old white junky socks

3. Things that de-stress me (Beck and Conan)

How clean and clear your images are!!! You’re truly the best!!!



MWAH!!!! I can not wait to party it up with you in June at your wedding!!! <3