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Mother’s Day Studio Sessions

By February 24, 2020 No Comments


What Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day!

I can tell you from a personal standpoint…I don’t want flowers.  AND, I don’t “the things” that you can buy on Amazon! Give me a home made gift and some photographs! Photographs of my children with “ME” in them! I want to exist and I want them to see how much they were loved! As a matter of fact, the one thing I request every year is me in a photo with my children! (Those are my littles below!)



I think there’s this misconception that in order to book a “mothers day session” you have to be a mom of toddlers…but what about the Mom’s with older children, Mom’s who have grown children and Mom’s who have turned into “Grand”moms? I’m looking at YOU!


When was the last time you had photographs taken of you with your children? It’s probably been a long time….let me help you fix that! I’d love for you to come into the studio to create some gorgeous images. This is a a perfect “Mother/Daughter” day, a fantastic time to document those three (or four) generations in your family…or just a day to pamper YO SELF. Let’s get you an updated photo to hang on the wall!

Pre-purchase a session and receive $100 bonus to use towards your final order.

Spend $200 NOW and you get $300 LATER towards your next session with Jen McKen Photography for a session booked before October 2020. Message me after you purchase so that we can get you on the calendar!

Disclosure: This will be capped at 10


I’ll photograph you each individually and then lots of group shots/combinations of the rest. I’ll guide you thru what to wear AND how to pose….that’s my job! Come see me at the studio!!!