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behind-the-scenes of a wedding photographer

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Over the course of my career, I have gotten to shoot in some pretty interesting places. Some right here in my own country and others thousands of miles and a few plane rides away! I will never take for granted the experiences I have been blessed with over these past 12 years because of my camera and the best part is that I got to experience them with my hubby, a.k.a. “second shooter” Greg!

We’ve been a team since I began venturing into the world of weddings and he’s been by my side and the calm voice during some of my most chaotic times, he’s been my life saver when equipment has failed (or forgotten-it was 10 years ago, but I’ll never live it down!), he’s been my driver, my equipment toter, my drink getter and he’s also the one who tries his very best to snap ALL KINDS of embarrassing photos of me while I’m “working”!

It’s become quite the game and to be honest, it’s one of the things I look forward to the most when backing up all the images later that night. I get so “in the zone” when I’m shooting that it’s so funny to look back and see the faces I was making, the positions I was shooting in or just the way I interacted with everyone throughout the day! After a long 12-14 hour day on your feet, it’s awesome to have something to giggle at but it’s also rewarding to see that how my I love my job is reflected in the images because I’m either smiling or laughing! It’s a fantastic feeling to have a job where my face hurts just as bad as my feet do at the end of the a long day! I get to spend my weekends going to parties, being around happy people and doing “photography yoga” as you’ll see below! hahaha!

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Behind-the Scenes of a Wedding Photographer

I like to call these “ninja moves”! haha! Look at me, I practically blend in! hahaha!

I call this shot “pack mule” because I’m usually the one holding all the “extras” so that they aren’t in the shot. In this shot above, I was holding onto the fur wrap for the bride!

What in the name of “pop a squat” is this?!

…and sometimes I snap a few photos of him! Look at him just standing around! haha!

Earlier in the year, I bought a new bag to tote around all my equipment. After 12-14 hours on your feet, caring around an additional 30-40lbs of camera equipment, it can take a toll on shoulders, neck and back. I bought this backpack and was so excited to redistribute the weight to save my back! I love it for that sole purpose and Greg calls it my rocket jet pack. He often will video me while I’m shooting with commentary about how I’m about to “take off”! hahah!

Oh, ya know, just getting in a little ab workout during the day!


Guys, the competition is fierce out there!!!


*jazz hands*

Hi! haha!

Ninja in the bushes!


Don’t worry, I reapply deodorant several times throughout the day! HAHAH!

I must have thought something was funny!

I don’t get behind-the-scene shots very often during engagement sessions or other shoots because I typically shoot those solo, but on this particular day, we were shooting in Seattle and Greg and traveled with me so I drug him along during this shoot to cary my bags! haha!

I’m bossy!

I don’t even know!

I’m basically invisible!

Greg is usually my “stand in” for test shots. This was one!

Can you believe it…none of the guests were leaning into the aisle! It’s a wedding miracle!!

I was probably bossing someone around! haha!


There ya have it folks…I kinda love my job!!