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It’s not for YOU…it’s for THEM.

By May 26, 2020 No Comments

The morning we took these, I felt so bloated and gross. My face felt so puffy, I have put on some “quarantine pounds” and I almost didn’t get in the photos. I can pick out 100 things I don’t like about myself in these photos-does that sound familiar to any one else out there?

Every Mother’s Day for the past 5-6 years, I’ve had a little photo session with my kiddos. I started doing it for me, because as a Mom, we all know we aren’t *IN* the photos as much as we’d like to be….but in all reality, these photos are for them someday. There will come a day when these are the only images they will have of me to be able to find peace when Mommy and Daddy are gone. They will be the images they show to their kids or grand kids and I want to give them that gift because I know first hand what it feels like not to have it.

I also know that I don’t have very many years left until Mallory is out of the house and on her way to college. I have a maybe 3 more years of having both of my children under one roof until she goes off to pursue a life on her own. It makes me sad..but it also makes me grateful that I have this time.

So, I pulled my big girl pants up, and jumped into a few photos with my  kids because I wanted to them to see how much they are loved.  We will treasure these images forever.

Go be in some photos Mama!! 

Look how much they’ve changed! If that doesn’t make you want to capture life NOW, I don’t know what does!