Life After High School | Senior Portraits

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I’d like to think that I’m not THAAAAAAT old. I mean, I am thinking more now-a-days about wrinkle creams and SPF but I’m not quite ready to hang up my “feeling young” coat just yet. BUT…I have been “thru a few things” in the past 30′ something years on this earth. For me, it truly feels like I just graduated a few years ago-when they say time flies, they sure aren’t kidding. But it genuinely doesn’t feel that long ago until I sit holding a cup of coffee on my porch with bed hair listening to my (almost) 4 year old crying because his breakfast foods are touching on his plate…that’s when I’m reminded that YEP, it has in fact been a hot minute since I’ve worn a cap and gown.

It’s not a secret that the 2020 graduates got the short end of the stick when it comes to all of the high school experiences we all take for granted. Hanging out with friends in the halls between class, lunch conversations, passing notes (am I dating myself right now), signing yearbooks and all the activities during/after school like musicals, sports, etc. I have sat in awe several times while reading thru facebook reading how articulate and smart these guys/gals are in response to everything not going as planned. The ones I’ve seen are taking the lemons and making lemonade with them with the most mature and positive attitudes that some adults could learn from despite having sacrificed so many things for something outside of their control. Something I think we can all stop to learn from, the optimism is encouraging!

I know Mallory will be graduating in 3 more years and I try every year to put myself into the current parent’s shoes watching their babies graduate and it brings me to tears every.single.time. So here’s what I hope to share with my daughter one day about life after high school…maybe someone else can be encouraged by it as well!

Life After High School:

  • Think of hard times like bad weather — they too will pass.  When you’re crying all alone and no one is around and you think that it will never be better. I promise you with every cell in my body-it does get better-it’s temporary. Feel it, acknowledge it and learn from it-it WILL pass.
  • Draw inspiration from ALL the people you meet. There is so much good in this world, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise….you just have to be open to seeing it around you…and in other people.
  • Love your work — for the salary and for the people. You will spend a very large portion of your life doing “work” to earn a living-go do what makes your heart happy and the money always follows.
  • Find mentors who can guide you and challenge you. Listen to those who have gone before you and have been the type of success you want. But also know when someone is giving you critiques/advice from a good place verses those who are not.
  • Make the most of less and learn to be “content”, practice gratitude and be generous when you can.