generational photo sessions | Oak Lodge

By June 3, 2020 No Comments

I remember the day I took these so vividly. I had just left the hospital where my Pap was staying after his stroke. His health condition wasn’t looking very promising and I felt absolutely drained emotionally. I had spent many days inside of a hospital room and was actually looking forward to the drive out to the location.

I had arrived extra early and I sat in my car with the sun on my face watching hundreds of squirrels scurrying thru the dried leaves. The sound of the wind blowing the trees gently, the ruffle of the leaves, the birds chirping….it was the most peace I had felt in a long time.

As I sat there waiting for them to arrive, with my Grandfather was in the hospital and knowing that her Grandma would be coming for this shoot…..I shot my little heart out. It felt very much like therapy for me. That’s what photography has been my entire life. After my sister died, I used my camera to heal. Anytime something traumatic happened in my life-I used my camera. On this day…I used my camera.

My Grandfather passed away roughly 5 months later.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your Grandparents still on this earth, make photographs with them a priority. Someday you’ll wish you had.