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Penn Run, PA Backyard Wedding on Private Estate

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It wasn’t the wedding she originally planned. But like many Brides who were planning for a 2020 wedding, COVID came thru like a force and uprooted all the intended plans.  I think everyone in the wedding industry (me included) went thru all the emotions-some of us still maybe going thru them. BUT….I’m optimistic by nature, so I’m always looking for the silver lining and with Skyler and Beck, I truly believe these images are far more meaningful than their original plan.

I think the “story” about their wedding day is one that will be told for generations. They were married in the midst of a Pandemic during one of the most historical years we’ve had in quite some time.  They stood in the backyard of the Groom’s family property and exchanged vows in front of their closest family. We photographed them in spots that they spent time together when they were dating (they were high school sweethearts)….the same property that I’m sure many high school proms and Christmas dance photos had been taken. The same property where they may be building a future home.

It may not have been some fancy venue, it may not have gone according to the script, but I believe the most beautiful stories came from a re-written one.  They’ll be able to point to the images and tell their Grandchildren things like…

“We shared our first dance between those trees in the background….”
“That sunset picture is in front of the empty field we eventually built our home…”,
“Do you remember when ……..”
“That’s where I ……”

All of which is made possible because plans had to change. If I’m being honest, this wedding was so much more meaningful for ME as a photographer. The real reason I got into photography after my sister died was because I wanted to document REAL life. I realized while looking thru that shoebox of photos of her life that there wasn’t enough “real life” moments. I bought my camera with the intention of providing people with images that I wished I had. MEANINGFUL images. The kind of images that may not end up on Pinterest-because they aren’t staged, the kind that won’t necessarily end up in wedding magazines-because they aren’t “trendy”… but I wanted to capture images that will be full of stories and some day be a source of healing and peace. Someone will be able to hold that image and say THAT is exactly how I want to remember him/her. Someday an image is all we will have left and I can tell you from personal experience….you won’t care if it’s Pinterest worthy.

I really believe that we are moving more towards more “meaningful” weddings as opposed to the “showy” weddings that maybe we’ve gotten too accustomed to. Who cares if your wedding is “trendy”….I’d take sentimental over trendy any damn day of the week.

If you are a future bride in the midst of planning the “perfect” wedding….I encourage you to think beyond “perfect” and lean more towards “REAL”.  Perfect is so stressful to attain.

So….what is “your story gonna be”?


COVID Pandemic Wedding | Private Property

Part 1 of 2…there were so many favorites I had to split it into two parts! If you want to check out their engagement photos and find out how he proposed, visit this link. 


Stay tuned for part 2 of their wedding blog. I’ll be sharing portraits and little bits and pieces from their reception! <3