As we all know…weddings look a little different this year. These will be the images that our future generations will be interviewing family members about. What was it like to get married during a pandemic? Well….let me show you!

Most will start the conversation off with, “well my wedding didn’t end up going just as originally planned…” but I’d venture to say that a lot will end up saying, “…but I’m sure glad we did it anyways!

Life sometimes has a really weird way of working out and YES, weddings do look a little different but this is all part of your story some day. This particular wedding was cancelled essentially two times before changing plans, downsizing the guest list and making a few adaptations, they ended up with a beautiful day, a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family and if I do say so myself……BEAUTIFUL IMAGES.  I’m honored that I get to be a part of their “story” and that they had enough faith in me to document that piece of family history for them!


Five Fillies Farm, New Wilmington PA Wedding Photographer

She ordered these gorgeous dried flower bouquets off of Etsy for her and the girls. They smelled so amazing and were the perfect accessory for that “natural look”.

Kate’s bridesmaids included her two daughters whom were so overjoyed for their Mom to be getting married. Their excitement was contagious!

Attempting to hide themselves from the guests as they arrived at the ceremony to walk down the aisle.

The first “unlook”. They wanted to have a few private moments before the ceremony but didn’t want to “SEE” each other just yet!

If you will be attending a wedding in the upcoming months, you may see more of this trend among guests.

 I love the little chickens in the background!

I love this little skipping thing they did down the aisle! It was such a pleasant surprise while shooting!!

This was Caleb’s idea….and I LOVE IT!

Cookie tables look a little different this year….now each individual cookie has to be wrapped. This is probably my least favorite “new rule”.

Fun fact: the wedding cake topper was Kate’s Grandmas from the 30/40’s.


 I love these sweet moments with Kate and her girls.

SO much personality in one image!!