Pittsburgh Engagement Session at the Mellon Columns and Washington Landing

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We ended this session with the most amazing summer sky. August sunsets never disappoint and on this particular day, it delivered all of the vibrant colors I would have hoped for! We zoomed all around the city so that we could fit in the Columns at Mellon, a few at Schenley Park and then off to the Washington Landing!

I’d like to think of an Engagement Session as a practice round for your wedding day. Since we often don’t have as much time on an actually wedding day, the engagement session serves as a way for us to get to know each other, how I shoot, how to interact and just a sense of each other’s personalities so that on the ACTUAL day, things go smoother, couples know what to except and we can make the most out of the rushed timeline we have. So if these images are any indication on how amazing their wedding images are going to be…they  knocked it out of the park. Now when I call out names of poses, they’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about and they’ll both feel so much more at ease in front of the camera.



Lauren + Luke’s Summer Engagement Session in the City

“We met in Erie at LECOM in pharmacy school. We both rented apartments from the same company and we both went after class one day in the fall to pay rent and he held the door for me. I really wanted to talk to him so after I dropped my check off I lingered at my car until I realized he was paying rent practically in ones (he was a server at the time) and it was going to take a while. I felt creepy so I got in my car and left, resorting to plan B… facebook messenger. “- Lauren

“We went with Luke’s family to South Carolina for a family vacation at Myrtle Beach this past summer. It was between the end of my first year of residency (stressful) and the start of my second and final year of pharmacy residency (also stressful). So I had a week off in between and it was perfect timing. We were walking on the boardwalk at sunset and Luke stopped and asked me in front of his entire family. Prior to this evening I knew it was coming, Luke looked very nervous and I thought he was going to pass out right beforehand (also I helped pick the ring out in January). He asked me if I wanted to get some pictures with him (which he never ever does haha) and then he got down on one knee and professed his love to me publicly (stressful for him). Of course I said yes! “- Lauren

Lauren: how handsome he was and that he had a Pitt lanyard for his keys (knowing this would work to my advantage because I went to Pitt for pre-pharmacy studies)

Luke: her sarcasm and sense of humor

While we were in school we would celebrate the end of every finals week going to different restaurants. We love watching tv shows together and going for walks. When we were in Erie I made him go with me to Presque Isle to walk on the beach in the sand that he hates. To be fair, we then watched a lot of Pens, Pirates, and Steelers games together which he loves. When we do get some free time we love hanging out with our nieces and nephew (Harper, Rowan, and Hayden.. who will be 3, 4, and 5 come wedding time which we are so excited for!). Luke also loves to golf and go to the gym and I like to run!

“We have our own sense of humor that wouldn’t make sense to anyone else and we are usually very private with our relationship which makes it very special”- Lauren

Lauren: He is smart, loving, and funny

Luke: compassionate, motivated, and sarcastic

Luke is a really good cook (he thinks he’s Gordon Ramsey with all the Hells Kitchen we watch) and will eat just about anything, I trusted him to get us tickets for a Pirates game once and we ended up in the handicap section with people staring at us, and he has had the same best friend since Kindergarten (we call him Bing).

I am obsessed with the show The Office and work daily quotes in when possible to any conversation. I cry when we watch America’s Got Talent because the stories are so moving and I love kids choirs and also it just doesn’t take much to make me tear up. I have always said I want a big family with ~4 kids.. Luke used to say max of 2 kids.. if you ask him now, he will say 3… we are getting there…

“……during the first year of pharmacy school Luke and I spent so much time together and really became best friends before we starting dating the second year of school. As we transitioned from just going out or grabbing food together to going on dates and holding hands he said to me one day hey I wanted to know if you wanted to go somewhere with me tonight. I thought he planned some romantic surprise he wouldn’t elaborate on.. told me to wear something comfortable.. picked me up…. then took me to Walmart. To stand in line for the release of some video game. The midnight release. Good thing we got there for the in-store release.. the other two people in line with us may have bought them out hahah it was so ridiculous!!!… so months later I told him he I’m taking us somewhere and that I had planned a surprise…wouldn’t tell him where… he asked if he could wear basketball shorts/a cutoff to which I said I mean I wouldn’t, it’s a pretty classy place and we don’t want to stand out… made him put nice shorts on and we rolled up to this little crappy ice cream place in the middle of no where Erie called “the whippy dip”.. anything but classy HAHAH” – Lauren

Lauren: popcorn, sugar cookies, chick-fil-a

Luke: popsicles, wings, pizza



Their wedding in October 2021 is going to be nothing sort of AMAZING!!!! I’m so excited to be a part of it!!