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Backyard Wedding At Your Childhood Home

By August 26, 2020 No Comments

I want you to listen to me very carefully….having to switch your wedding to a back yard is no LESS SPECIAL. Let that sink in…! Since March of 2020, I have talked to so many of my Brides who have had to change routes with their wedding planning and some even seemed kind of bummed that their plans weren’t panning out like they had originally planned as if it was going to mean less because their venue wasn’t available. I wish I could grab you by the shoulders and give you a good shake because in my professional opinion-it makes it SO MUCH MORE special.

In Kylee’s case, she had her ceremony AND reception at her childhood home. As you scroll thru the images below, the background of each image are part of her story! That furniture in the background, those photos on the walls, the willow tree, the river, the backyard are all significant. She’ll be able to point to the images one day and tell her Grandchildren THAT is where I played, THAT is the home your Grandfather built, THAT is where we kissed!

I can do Pinterest….I can copy all the trendy poses you see, I can copy all the images you pinned….but that’s not your story-that’s THEIR story (whoever they are)! I promise you, some day when you look back at your images, you aren’t going to give a rats ass if  you had a wedding at a venue, but you will give a rats ass that you can see the way your husband threw his head back and gasped when he saw you for the first time. If anything comes out of this Pandemic, I hope it’s more meaningful moments, more meaningful images……just more MEANING in general when it comes to weddings.

Your story is worth documenting. It’s worth documenting whether you have 25 or 300 people.  It’s worth documenting if it’s simple or extravagant. It’s worth documenting even if your plans changed. It’s worth documenting. This is your story and it’s an amazing one!

A Backyard Summer Pandemic Wedding