Engagement Session at the Point State Park Fountain

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True Story: I almost peed my pants right before their session! HAHAHA!

It takes me roughly an hour to get into the city-longer on days I have to fight traffic. (Basically, people don’t know how to maintain their speed thru a tunnel, if you live here you KNOWWWW exactly what I’m talking about)  On this particular day, I had drank lots of water AND stopped for an iced coffee before hitting the road-not sure what I was thinking! By the time I arrived into the city, I had the urge “to go” but I knew I had to find parking, get out all my equipment and wear it like a pack mule before walking 1/2 a mile to get down to the point where the shoot would be happening. You know when you have to go so bad you have to start like doing “the dance”. That was me standing at the trunk of my car while trying to go thru the mental check list of what lenses to bring, what light stands I needed to bring and then anything else I might need once I get down there- because lord knows I was going to walk back. I finally get every thing I think I’ll need and start trucking it down to the point sweating beads and hoping that no one will stop me for anything on my way there.

If you’re from Pittsburgh or the area and have been to the point, it’s quite a walk (when you have to pee so dang bad) to get WAYYYY down there to where the public restrooms are located. I made to by the grace of god, found an empty stall, hung up all my equipment and sat down to realize half way thru….there was no dang toilet paper. After doing a silent cry in my head, I mustered up the courage to blurt out: “excuse me, is anyone in here that could spare a square?” It was legit like an episode from Seinfield. Some kind woman (I’m assuming it was a women because the stalls there are like prison where the walls are concrete completely to the floor, handed me a few squares. When I say a few squares…I mean like 2 whole squares of toilet paper. Now listen, I don’t know about you and I realize we are in the midst of a pandemic, but 2 squares is NOT an adequate amount. Who the hell only uses 2 squares….if that’s you, we can’t be friends! haha!

I thanked her for her generosity <eye roll> and waited patiently until she left (by the sounds of the door) to ask another kind sole.  She gave me AT LEAST 6 squares-bless her heart. AT this point I have a 8 squares and was able to complete the mission.

All of this happened AND I have 15 minutes to spare before my session……and people ask me WHY I’m always so early. THIS….THIS IS WHY I’m always early. HAHAHAHA!

They arrived, we had an AMAZING session (as you can see below) thankfully due to the fact I could concentrate and I told them all about it at the end! Next time I travel into the city, I’m packing my own roll of TP.  BHAHAHAHAH!

Oh…and Meet Nina and Joe!

Pittsburgh, PA Engagement Session

Joey and I went to the same grade school, St Rosalia Academy. He is three years younger than me. We had run into each other a time or two in different places and each time he would tell the story of how When he was in the 5th grade he had the biggest crush on me, I would have been in 8th grade lol.

This is the real story though.

One rainy night in 2017 I walked into Yesterday’s, a dive bar in Greenfield. There he was, little Joey Villella. Well he took one look at me and that was it. He didn’t leave my side the entire night. We exchanged snap chats lol. We were in that bar until 2:30am when finally we go outside. “My car is down the street and it’s raining, do you mind giving me a ride?” He said.

“Oh sure no problem!” Was my response.

I drove down the block, pulled in behind his car and right before he got out he turned to me paused and said, “sorry but i just have to do this”

HE KISSED ME! Little Joey Villella KISSED ME! It was a riot.

Off he went to his car. And off i went to call all of my friends from grade school!

But the rest is history!

They threw a 30th SURPRISE party for me. After they sang happy birthday, Joey emerged from the crowed of our closest friends and family, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

There were 100 people at this party and the love that exploded around us is something I won’t soon forget.

Some people want this moment to be intimate. Not me. It happened perfectly and I couldn’t have planned it any better myself!


Joey is Funny, selfless and kind.

Nina is loving, thoughtful and determined.

Joey is a stand up comedian 24/7 or so he thinks haha

Also, Joey doesn’t have the best Rhythm but that sure doesn’t stop him! He breaks into dance randomly and loves tearing it up on the dance floor

I can do splits 🤦🏻‍♀️

I have this drunk alter ego that shows up sometimes and you can’t tell her nothin’ when she gets going it’s high kicks and splits lol

I sing… a lot. It’s like a second language i walk around singing randomly about absolutely nothing.

Joey hates when people whistle… I’m a whistler 🤣

Joey really enjoys golfing and fishing.

I had noticed for a while how cute he was. Creeped on his Instagram and all that Jazz.

He said i was so beautiful that night and that he had to talk to me.

Family and friends and our cats!


“He keeps me grounded but I make him open up. We push each other to be better for ourselves and each other. We are total opposites but we complement each other so well! “- Nina