Karly | Rustic Senior Session

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Meet Karly! She’s a senior at Saltsburg High School and she’s strong minded, independent, and caring!

I’d love to think that I’m pretty good at reading people’s energy….and as soon as she got out of the car, I could tell she was outgoing and that this was going to be so easy! She’s has these gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful long hair…and she basically was a professional behind the camera!

When she initially reached out, they wanted that rustic vibe with fields, streams, barns… CHECK! I think we nailed it!

Here’s a fun fact: When Karly was a baby, her parents entered her in a most beautiful baby photo contest and she won! No autographs please!


Saltsburg High School Senior


What activities are you involved in?
“I use to play volleyball, basketball, softball, and track but then I got my shoulder operated on and now I just play basketball.”- Karly


What do you want to be when “you grow up?”

“I want to be a nurse and I like to help people and my mother is in the medical field so that gave me inspiration. ” -Karly

Hunting, sleeping, working, hanging with friends, going out to eat, playing with my dogs.

Speaking of dogs….this is TANK!

1. I like to travel

2. I bruise easily

3. I bite my nails

4. I have zero patience

“The memories I will have forever with my friends!”- Karly