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Sunflower Fields | Family Day Trip

By September 3, 2020 No Comments

Fun fact: Greg and I are going to plant our very own sunflower field in our backyard next year!  We have been wanting to for  years now and life has always just gotten in the way…but after a recent visit to a sunflower field a few weeks ago, we decided it’s a done deal!

I had the evening off and the weather was gorgeous so we took off as a family and spent time together! Levi had so much fun running thru the paths and we even got a visitor from one of the farm cats! I treasure these times because realistically, I have maybe 3 more years with both of my kiddos under one roof before she possibly goes off to college. So moments like these are so special!

This was one of the last “summer” days we had before all the rain started to move in! Blue skies, bright yellow happy flowers and family…..perfect (almost) end to summer!