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Mallory’s 1st day of 10th Grade

By September 8, 2020 No Comments

It has officially been 20 years since I’ve graduated high school *gulp* and although I know I’m dating myself in terms of age, I have been doing a lot of comparing to how things have changed so much over the past 20 years. I would have NEVER in my wildest dreams pictured school in the middle of a pandemic-that’s for sure! I mean, back then, if you even TRIED to wear a mask to school, you wouldn’t have even been allowed in the building and they probably would have called the police and then had a dog sniff search our book bag. In 2020 you’re not allowed to enter the building without one and risk being sent home just as fast as the girl who tried to wear less than a 2 inch tank top strap! 2020 is wild man.

2020 has been the year of adapting and it’s definitely been the year of change and a lot of sadness.

Despite the obvious pandemic and everything that has come along with that, we recently lost our long time beloved family dog-quite suddenly AND just a few days before the first day of school. Gracie was a stable in these back to school photos and always sent Mallory off on her first day of school-it was sad not having her here this year. Throw in a little pandemic, mask wearing, social distancing, virtual school and 2020 has been a shit show compared to the other school years. Just like the seasons, life changes and I’m so thankful that I have these photos that were taken every.single.year to look back on. It’s literally a time capsule of how “things use to be” and in 20 or 30 years from now when Mallory has kids of her own, she’ll be able to show them how she “walked both ways, uphill, bare-feet in the snow” when she went to school. haha!

This year looks so different for so many others around the country. Some are doing complete cyber school, some are going back to school in person, and some are doing a hybrid option or something in between and who knows what the rest of the year will hold. Sports, dances, extra curricular activities…they look different for everyone.

As she walked across the road to stand at the bus stop, my heart almost burst because I realized that this may be the very last year she rides the bus….she turns 16 in just a little over a month and I’m fairly certain riding the bus won’t be “cool” anymore. Next year’s first day of school photos will look even more different. Levi will be in Kindergarten next year and I’ll officially have 2 kids in the school district and two 1st days of school to document!

I’m anxious to hear how her first day went and how different things will be this year…and her opinion of all of it when she gets home. <3

And to answer the #1 question I get, “Will you still do this when she’s a senior?” You bet your sweet ass I will and I might even pop up in the bushes for her first day of college! hahahaha! #OnlyKindaKidding #WhenYourMomIsAPhotographer

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She seems so thrilled! HAHAHA!

Gotta check that Snapchat!

Waking up the little brother.

Anyone want to take bets on how long they don’t stay white?! haha

Ohh the faces of Levi! haha

In honor of Gracie who wasn’t able to be part of this year’s back to school photos, Levi placed his puppy in the window so she could be there in spirit! <3

Fun fact: I still had the Jansport backpack I had from high school up until a few years ago! She says it’s blue….I think it’s purple!

This will most likely be her last “first day of school” riding the bus. She’s going to be driving next year! *deep breath*