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first day of school | 7th grade

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There was a time where she was standing on the front porch, nervous, with a tutu and her “high heel” dress shoes……..this morning, she stood at the bus stop without an ounce of nerves in a pair of tennis shoes and athletic clothing-wow have times changed. I won’t lie- I miss the Punky Brewster days.

This is nothing new….I’ve photographed her every year since Kindergarten, I’m not sure how or why I started but I’ve kept it up for 8 years and my plan is to do it until she’s a senior-if she lets me. Then, I’ve got 12 MORE years because that will be right around the time Levi goes to Kindergarten! GOOD LOORD . This year was a little different though….she’s got a “MOBILE” little brother. Last year, he was brand new…this year…he’s on the move!

For those of you blog stalkers who have followed me for a little while, you would have already seen the posts below, but for those of you who are new around here…..take a look back in time. Below are the links from the first day of school from every year since Kindergarten.

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It was a dreary morning…it ended up being a gorgeous day but there were rain clouds left over from the night before. I knew we were going to be getting up before the sun, but because it was kinda crappy outside, it ended up being darker for even longer……and she hit the snooze a little too many times. She is her mother’s daughter.



brushing her teeth on the first day of schoolLittle fun fact…..I don’t know how to french braid. My domestic skills lack…I know this. She actually had her friend braid her hair for her the night before so she could wear it like this to school in the morning. I think my homework (besides filling out all of those damn forms) will be learning how to french braid. haha.

waking up her baby brother on the first day of schoolWaking up the little bro……chaos is about to ensue.

getting ready on the first day of schoolHe’s everywhere……
Also, I remember taking a photo from this same spot in elementary school……back when she needed a stool to reach the sink. *sniff sniff*

snap chat messagesSomeday we are going to laugh at how this phone is a “dinosaur”. Think about it….5 years ago cell phones were so different. Imagine what they will look like in another 5.

baby brother annoying his teenage sister
Another fun fact: We have numbers above each of the doors upstairs. Prior to moving into the house, it had been rental where the owner rented out each room to a Whyotech Student. They rented out the room according to the numbers. Trust me, we’ve done  A LOT of work to this place…imagine 6-8 boys living in a house that basically was a frat house. Yeahhhhh, the bathroom was the FIRST thing we remodeled! haha.

teenager helping her baby brother down the stepsI love the photo on the right. I can imagine this being Christmas morning <3

first day of school breakfastLucky her….Greg made breakfast for her! Usually she’s a cereal gal.

eating breakfast on a school morningObviously, we brought out the fine china…it was a special occasion! BAHAHA.

dad taking photos on the first day of schoolDad taking a few photos -I taught him everything he knows! haha.

breakfast on the first day of schoolNOM NOM NOM.

teenager checking her iphone while getting ready for the first day of schoolChecking her phone again. You know-gotta keep up with the snap chats. *eye roll*

first day of junior high school

I have a photo of her standing in this exact spot for the past 8 years. Oh my has she grown.

first day of schoolGracie <3

baby brother crying Someone wasn’t exactly too enthusiastic that Sissy was leaving for school. Don’t worry-it didn’t last long.

first day of school photosThat look she gives me when she’s annoyed that I’m taking a million photos.

seventh grader on the first day of schooldad waving bye to his teenage daughter on the first day of schoolLevi has been practicing his “bye’s”.

junior high students getting onto the school busAnd she’s officially a 7th grader.

bus stop on a dirt road


You guys…I’m a mom of a 7th grader! Some of my best memories are from 7th grade…I hope she creates as many amazing memories as I had.

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