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First Day of 8th Grade | Middle School

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First Day of 8th Grade

It’s that time again…the annual “First Day of School” photos! I’ve always done things a little different though, most normal Mom’s take a photo of their kids at the bus stop or standing near the front door with their backpacks……I document the entire morning! Yep-I’m THAT Mom and I’ve been doing it since she was 5. That’s 9 years worth of “First” days of school.

I officially have an 8th grader and it’s her last “first” day of middle school. Next year she’s on to the big bad senior high and I”m not sure if she’ll allow me to take these! #TooBadIWillAnyways

She’s gotten taller, her room has changed, her style has changed, Levi’s older and his toys are ALL over the place and it’s so awesome to look back and see how everything has progressed thru the years and how some things have stayed the same.  I remember when she dressed her self in tutu’s and sparkly shoes….now it’s basketball shorts and t-shirts. I remember when she could barely reach the sink and she had to use a step stool, I remember when her chin barely made it above the kitchen island. When they say time flies, they aren’t kidding. I have 5 more years left of her under our roof before she heads off to another phase of life and I know a few blinks and it will be the first day of college!

I’m so incredibly proud of her, I’m not sure she’ll ever know just how much! <3

For those of you blog stalkers who have followed me for a little while, you would have already seen the posts below, but for those of you who are new around here…..take a look back in time. Below are the links from the first day of school from every year since Kindergarten.

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She use to have to stand on a step stool.



Her room has changed so much over the years! I always wished I had a photo of what my room looked like growing up.



Somebody’s up!!! He loves his “sissy”.



Down to get some breakfast….



Levi’s still trying really hard to be Gracie’s friend. Not sure if you can tell, but he’s trying to give Gracie a hug!






It’s real life people.




Watching Sissy get on the bus…..


He says: “Sissy go bye byes”. Yeah buddy, she’ll be back after nap time! haha!


I hope she creates some amazing memories!!

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