United High School Senior | Full Circle Moments

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In a weird twist of fate- this session was very much like a full circle moment for me.

If you know me well or have been following me for any length of time, you know that my sister was the inspiration behind WHY I became a photographer. We never got to hang any of her senior images on the wall, she never got to have this experience of being photographed and these are images that I wished I would have had of her-the kind that show off her personality or the way her nose wrinkled when she laughed….REALLY LAUGHED.

Ashley and her family are purchasing my Mom’s house. Not the one I grew up in-that one is long gone, but the house where a tree is planted in her memory and was a constant reminder of her in the front yard. The house I would have had lots of memories of her had she hasn’t passed so suddenly. It dawned on me that Ashley’s images will be hung on those walls -the walls that never held my sisters senior photos and they’ll get to watch that tree grow as the years go by.

If you pay attention close enough….life hands you all sorts of full circle moments. <3

I hope that you print these images out BIG and hang them on  your walls…it would make my heart OH SO HAPPY!!


United High School Senior


1. I carry an eyelash curler with me at all times

2. My grades are one of my top priorities.

3. I got lost in an amusement park when i was younger.

4. i wrecked my car one time (no one was hurt).

5. i’m very book smart but i have no common sense.

“I want to remember that I was living my best life.”- Ashley

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