Fun Facts: She booked this date 3 years prior because she wanted the most sought after date 10.10.20….She’s also a photographer herself. *gulp* Oh the pressure! haha!

I’ve said it a million times-planning a wedding is stressful enough, but then planning one in the middle of a Pandemic is even MORE stressful! But as Danielle said during her speech at the reception to her quests…this wedding was going to happen no.matter.what! And it did….with perfect weather, the most beautiful fall colors in all of the trees surrounded by all the people that matter the most! I don’t know about her, but I think the 10.10.20 wedding held up to be one for the books!

I contemplated breaking this into a few blog posts….but go big or go home right?! I realize it’s photo overload, but for some reason, I’m thinking Danielle and Chris won’t mind! For those of you who weren’t able to be there in person, I hope you feel like you were there after viewing these-that’s my goal! <3 I tried my best to keep the images in order so that you could live vicariously thru these images! After all….that *IS* their job! <3

Danielle and Chris….thank you so much for choosing me to document your day but most importantly thank you for trusting me! Handing someone else the creative reigns and hoping that they capture the day in the way that you hope takes a lot of trust and I’m so honored I got to do that for you…..even if I had to dodge a few plaid shirts! HAHAHAH! (inside joke!)

These images don’t begin to scratch the surface of everything I was able to document that day!!

Lingrow Farm Outdoor Fall Wedding

Chris knows how much I love penguins and how I had always wanted to meet one so he scheduled a penguin encounter at the Pittsburgh Aviary. He invited 8 of our friends and we were scheduled to meet them there for 11 am. It was August- the day after we shot a wedding in a barn with zero air circulation and no air conditioning. I had a wedding photographer hangover and didn’t want to see anyone lol! Anyways, I sucked it up and we end up meeting everyone there. The first half of the encounter is information about the penguin where they let it out and it just runs around the room (they are just like cats… sometimes they listen, sometimes they do what they want!) Right before the part where we were aloud to take photos she asked if anyone had anymore questions. Chris says, “I have a question!” at this point he stands up and asks me to stand up too. I said “why?!” and stood up. Then he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him… I said, “Of course I will marry you” followed by “really??,” and all of our friends laughed and it was official. We got our penguin photos from our friend who was  there (and is also a photographer) then celebrated after by going to Red Robbin for burgers lol!


I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship. My moms friend, Heather, told me to apply to Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights to do makeup to get my mind off of things; so I did and got the job. I had to go in early for orientation because I had to work during the actual meeting and that is when they introduced me Chris and Nick. Chris was giving me those weird eyes the whole time while he was shoving Wendy’s chicken nuggets in his mouth because he was “STARVING” and kept making flirty remarks. When I left I immediately called one of  my best friends, Corey, and told him, “I think my manager likes me!?,” he responded with, “Eww thats kind of weird!?,” and the rest is history lol!!!!

Danielle: He was funny, had a great personality, was super nice to me, and never stops eating.

Chris: Her smile, her fun personality, and how organized she was

Chris is funny, caring, unique

Danielle is strong creative and fun

Danielle: I’m a blue belt in MMA, My skin (hands specifically) get really soft when it rains, I had a piece of my lung (an entire lobe) removed when I was 10

Chris: I’m a special FX artist for Kennywood Phantom Fright Nights, I am double jointed in both thumbs, I think its funny to scare people every chance I get


“One time we went to Miami Florida- on the way home we went to the Orlando airport instead of the Orlando Sanford airport… Like turned in our rental car and everything… Then we found out we were in the wrong airport after we asked a random pilot. We paid a taxi driver $80 to basically speed us to the right airport so we didn’t miss our flight. We got there and they were boarding our number- we were just in time! Thanks Dwane LOL” – Danielle

Danielle: My planner, My Friends, My dog

Chris: My phone,Chocolate, Salty Foods