Homer Center High School Senior | Abbey

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Meet Abbey!  You can usually find her at the barn or riding shotgun in an ‘81 El Camino with her boyfriend! She runs Cross Country and Track, she’s a high school cheerleader and the squad’s flag runner. She was on the  2020 homecoming court and spends Saturday nights at the race track with her boyfriend.

We hung out at the barn she keeps her horse Beaux….he was just as photogenic as she was!

Equestrian Senior Photos | Homer Center High School


I dreamed of working with horses but that doesn’t always pay bills so I’m leaning towards Veterinarian Technology but specialize in Equine Medicine. Being around horses majority of my life inspired me.


He stuck his tongue out at us! haha

Do you have any hidden talents?

I have double jointed elbows and a thumb


Being the reason to hear my friends laugh

I’d take a zebra any day

•I’m not a dog or cat person because I’d pet a crocodile if it wouldn’t bite me

•Typical horse girl

•My blonde moments become memorable

•I “head bang” in the front seat of my boyfriend’s 1981 El Camino when my favorite song comes on

•I had the honor to run the Homer Center flag for the past 4 years


I’m obsessed with these images! I love the big blue sky with the yellow flowers and how her hair moves!



Seriously….the camera loves her!!

Abbey….you CRUSHED your senior session!!