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Personal Branding Session | Magdalaine

By October 22, 2020 No Comments

Meet Magdalaine!

She didn’t get the opportunity to have senior photos when she graduated last year so when she reached out and said she wanted to set up a session to celebrate her achievement of graduating but that they weren’t going to TECHNICALLY be senior photos since she’s now in college! She also told me how she loves fashion and fast cars and that her biggest dream is to become a model in the automotive world. Her other  dream would be to own a small restaurant/cafe that keeps up with all the latest food trends. She always wished there were more local hang out spots, so being able to provide that would be a pretty cool feeling, she says!

We turned her session into a modeling session and we created some beautiful images for Magdalaine!

She showed up looking she walked right out of a magazine and we had so much fun with these!!

Indiana, Pa Personal Branding Sessions


What are 5 random facts about yourself?

  1. One day in the near future my goal is to buy my dream car (a 06 Subaru WRX) and pour my heart and soul into it.
  2. My life motto is “I want to be the person I needed in the past.” It’s very important to me that I help those around me especially in the younger generation to give as much uplifting advice as I can.
  3. I can’t go a day without listening to my favorite music artists.
  4. I’m the biggest advocate for self expression. I believe we spend too much time worrying what others think, that can dull down our personalities and dreams more than we realize.
  5. My way of connecting with people has always been through food, I believe you can’t go wrong with a nice home cooked meal. Learning about someone’s cultural background in the process is an enlightening experience just on its own. 🖤



Describe your style:

I’m extremely extra in everything I do so if I was able to choose my favorite stores they’d be- Saks fifth ave, zumies, and tilly’s.

I mostly always wear black and red. My style is usually street fashion but I tend to go through a lot of phases so I change it up more than I mean to😂😬


“When I think of school I think about how much stress and determination it took to get where I am now, but I’m pretty proud of how things turned out. Now I’m just focusing on being as responsible as I can be and setting a good example for my younger siblings to look up to. “-Maggie

My music taste is pretty off the wall, not gonna lie LOL I like super edgy stuff. I listen to a lot of Ghostemane, SuicideBoys, and POUYA.

But when I’m not listening to them more calm stuff I like is Billie Eilish and Cage the elephant. “- Maggie