Katie | senior photos at yellow creek state park

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Do you want to know how I knew she was a saint? She volunteers and watches the 0-3 year olds at Harvest Community Churches nursery…guys, I have a a toddler and only one…but she volunteers to watch a room full of them! She has to have the patient of a saint! haha!

I knew she wanted that nature vibe for her images and also knowing that she wanted to be a wildlife conservation officer, I thought Yellow Creek State Park was the perfect location and vibe for her senior session. I think we nailed it!


Lenape Technical School Senior Session

  • adventurous
  • easygoing
  • trustworthy

1. My grandparents tell me I shoot like a modern Annie Oakley.

2. I love history

3. Im an avid hunter

4. I volunteer a lot

5. I like to bake

I want to be a wildlife conservation officer. My entire family is involved with conservation by working with the game commission to put on hunter trapper education program at Pine Creek Sportsmen Club.

I’m into all types of country but more into the older kind

Johnny Cash- hurt, ring of fire, folsom prison blues

Randy Travis- forever and ever, amen

George Strait- cross my heart