Despite not having many leaves change their colors just yet, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a fall day in September for Destiny and Caleb’s wedding at Lingrow Farm in Leechburg, PA.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and there were so many laughs in the air. Like… big belly, make your side hurt laughs. Another reason I think it’s so important to surround yourself with fun people on your wedding day!

Maroon, pumpkins, fall…mixed with a few Disney vibes!

Lingrow Farm Wedding Venue, Leechburg PA


When we were 14 years old, we would see each other in passing at a youth camp we went to every year. Our first official conversation i can barely remember but he does was at the youth camp when we were 17. Then about 2 years later Caleb moved to Maryland for Bible College and we went to our friend Jon’s birthday party in December 2015. From then we became great friends and finally admitted that we liked each other March 2016 when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

That morning around 2 am, Caleb had left my house after falling asleep while watching a movie and he had asked my dad if we could get married. Then when I woke up, I felt so incredibly restless and I wanted to gomet out of the house so I texted Caleb and tried to plan our day. We had a party that evening, but that was too far away for me so we decided to go on a hike. I kind of looked gross, hiking pants, hiking boots, 2 sweat shirts, my hair was tied up in a bun, and I had a hat on over top of it because it was freezing cold outside. We went to King and Queen Seat here in Maryland, its a pretty steep climb and we made many stops along the way to climb up random rock formations. When we got up to the top, I thought to myself how cool it would be if he proposed to me right there but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to pressure him. We ate a snack, saw some huge vultures, then loud people came and we climbed back down the mountain. Along the way, we had somehow gotten into an argument about east and west.. we were essentially arguing the same point, but we saying it in different ways. I was mildly upset about it because I hate arguing. So we stopped and look over this little ledge and we hugged eachother for a little while. He told me how much he loved me and held me really suspiciously close. I could feel him shaking a little bit and he went behind me and dug in his back pack and I thought nothing of it because the water and everything was in there. Then, like a movie, he said he loved me and spun me around with his finger and was down on one knee. I thought it was a joke because sometimes we joked like that and he held the ring box in a way that I could see it at all. He asked me if I would marry him and I said “is this real?” And then he showed me the box and the ring. I burst into tears without saying another word. I fell to my knees and cried and I guess I said yes because we put the ring on my finger and we just held each other until i stopped crying. He also proceeded to show me the videos of him making the ring but I could barely see them through the tears.

Caleb naturally noticed my insanely red hair because it practically enters the room before I do. I noticed his beautiful brown eyes. They are intense but very gentle.

We absolutely enjoy each other. We enjoy doing things together and just being around each other. We could be cleaning my room and just being together makes the job go smoother. Nothing is boring with Caleb.

We also rarely get into arguments, but when we do we try to resolve it quickly and always ends with someone saying they are sorry even if we still feel like we were right.

I would describe caleb as strong, loving, and intelligent.

Caleb would describe me as kind, mature, and faithful.

Caleb was a ground hog hunter back in the day. “I have slaughtered droves of ground hogs. I have laid waste to ground hog civilizations. I have killed ground hogs with my bare hands.” (He gets very passionate about his glory days) He loves to build things like planter boxes, decks, and roof decorations like dormers and whatnot. Caleb believes that tent camping is the superior form of camping. “If you are camping in a camper, it is not camping.”

I discover new things about myself quite often. For example I just discovered that I am pretty good at flower arrangements. I really like dinosaurs. I also really love singing and some might say that I am pretty good at it too.

We are each others best friends. We took time to get to know each other, we took time to grow patience for each other. We take time to be with each other when things get hard or there are big things happening in each others lives. Giving each other time for everything strengthened our relationship as friends and grew into us being in a relationship together as a couple.

“We are pretty hilarious people and its really hard to find a good story, but the only one we can both think of is the onion ring story. We were at IHOP for lunch one day (probably our anniversary) and we were looking at the menu and Caleb’s eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. He looks at me and says “they have onion rings”. And he told me he was ordering an extra side of onion rings so we could share them. So the waiter walks up to our table and i order what I wanted and then caleb starts his order. The guy asks what kind of side he wanted and he said onion rings and then asked for the extra side of onion rings and the guy gave him a a quick confused glance and caleb just nods slowly with a HUGE smile on his face and says, “I REALLY like onions rings.” The guy laughs and walks away and we sit there laughing our butts off. The waiter comes back with the biggest stack of onion rings we have ever seen.”- Destiny

I couldn’t live without my church, the smiling faces of the kids I teach every day, and potatoes.

Caleb saying he can’t live without food, water, and shelter. He couldn’t live without his Bible and his amazing friends.