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Hollidaysburg Wedding Reception | Private Property

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Have you seen part 1 from their private estate wedding? Make sure to go check it out!

Just a few of my favorite things about this wedding:

  1. I loved how bubbly Denise was. She was so giggly and so full of life!
  2. The speeches! Guys, these were THE BEST speeches ever! As you’ll see below in the images at the reception, Justin’s Dad presented Denise with her very own sash with badges and just wait until you see her reaction-it was equal to her winning Miss America! I flippen loved it!
  3. The energy! The reception was a celebration and there was a cake smash! haha
  4. The property-duh! It was absolutely gorgeous
  5. I love that they took lemons and made lemonade and didn’t let it ruin their day. They created their own happiness-LEGIT from the ground up by creating their very own venue!
  6. I LOOVED the night shots with the twinkle lights!! LOVE LOVE LOVE
  7. The gnocchi’s…OMG, they were AMAZING!!
  8.  I love that they had a million cookies but not a single one was made with nuts!
  9.  Their friends and family! Everyone was just so amazing!
  10. All of Denise’s facial expression….I just freakin love her!!

Backyard Wedding Portraits + Reception

We met in high school at prom. Denise was dating Justin’s friend at the time.

Justin: I noticed how bubbly and funny she was.

Denise: I noticed how funny and down to earth he was.

What do you LOVE to do together?

Our favorite thing to do together was and still is to just watch movies.

Justin flew home from California without Denise knowing. He set up rose petals and candles all over the house and waited for Denise to come home, and surprised her with the ring when she did.

Who said “I love you!” first?

Justin said it first. We were watching Tangled.

I think we are very open and honest with each other in a way not many people are with each other.

Justin describing Denise: Funny, bubbly, honest

Denise describing Justin: thoughtful, genuine, funny

What are three random facts about each of you?

Justin: I like/pretend to collect weird instruments. I lived in Alaska for 5 years. I collect Christmas sweaters.

Denise:  I created being hangry, I still sleep with a blanket I’ve had since I was a baby, I’m obsessed with Harry Potter.

The very first time we hung out together Justin bench pressed Denise.

What are a few things that each of you could not live without?

Denise: my blanket, chocolate, Justin

Justin: my computer, coffee, Denise