fall engagement session | kristin + tyler

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When all the stars align and you schedule your e-session at the PEAK of fall when the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous! It actually helped that it had rained earlier in the day to make everything wet which brings out the colors even more! Fun fact: did you know that in all of the Hollywood movies, crew wet down almost everything when filming outdoors-especially the ground! It gives off richer colors instead of a grey/white sheen muting everything. And it gives more depth and structure to the scene instead of just being flat. So it’s not a horrible thing if it happens to rain on the day of your shoot! Think of it as a free Hollywood effect! haha!

Meet Kristin + Tyler! I’ll be photographing their big day almost EXACTLY one year from when these photos were taken and based on how much fun we had hanging out and taking these, I have no doubt their celebration is going to be full of laughs!



How did the two of you meet?

Kristins cousin Nathan is Tylers best friend, and we all went ghost hunting. lol

Tell us about the proposal…

We went on a family vacation to the outer banks with Kristin’s family. We rented a large beach house directly on the beach. Tyler and Amanda”Kristins little sister” planned the proposal for months. We went out to dinner on the second day. while we were at dinner, Amanda set up the beach house as a timeline. Starting in 2011 when we first started dating, showing how each our relationship grew stronger and stronger. On the very top deck overlooking the ocean and the sunset, Tyler proposed in front of the family. It was amazing <3

Tyler said i love you first, while we were camping sitting by a fire by ourselves. He told me he never felt like this with anyone else.

Describe each other using 3 words:

Kristin is…. ” intelligent, beautiful, passionate”

Tyler is…. ” funny, handsome, kindhearted”


What are 3 random facts about each of you?

Kristin- I’m obsessed with Kirklands decoration, we both almost sunk a boat in the ocean together. I love to go to cycle (spin)  classes

Tyler- Tyler doesn’t know how to ride a bike, we both almost sunk a boat in the ocean

We can always be ourselves when we’re with each other. we’re always there for each other. No matter what we will always love each other.

We were at the beach and we rented pontoon boat. We were casually driving it, and then a huge fishing boat came by and hit us with a huge wave.  Then door opened in the back which caused the water to rush in, for some reason kristin shut the door. The boat then really started to sink, but then Tyler opened the door back up and thankfully the water went out. lol

Besides each other, what are 3 things you couldn’t live without?

Family, Friends, coffee


I’d love to know what attracted you to my photography?

We loved how bright and real your photography is. You make everything so fun.

Ohhhhhh, I have no doubt we’re going to have fun!!!! haha!