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McKeesport Fall Wedding | Maria + Michael

By November 18, 2020 No Comments

“Mike and I met a few years ago while swiping right on each other we’re opposite of each other in a thousand ways but that’s what I love so much about us! He used to play guitar in worship band for church and refused to play for me at random and I was always so butt hurt about it. Little did I know he was saving it for something special! So with all our family and friends around he played and quietly sang Ed Sheeran’s “perfect”. I couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect from him”- Maria


I LOVE hand shots! Hands have so many stories to tell!

I thought he was so his nerdy ways. And Mike says he thought I was too stinking cute but quickly realized I wasn’t a drinker when I ordered a beer and was tipsy within two sips. But he always tells me he was impressed that I even drank it…which still rings true when we go out to this day!

Allllll the feels!!! <3

“We do a lot of movie dates and make a point to see movies we hate just because the other wants to see it…minus scary movies! But our favorite dates are dessert dates, we always want dessert but are always too full for it when we go out. So we have a light dinner at home and then we go somewhere and ‘Lady and the Tramp’ the shit out of dessert!”- Maria

He wrote why he got her each charm! Cue the tears! What a thoughtful gift!


We had went to the cathedral in Pittsburgh for a mass/Christmas hymns concert…mind you Michael isn’t Catholic and not the biggest fan of going to church. Well there weren’t enough programs for the amount of people who showed up so they asked everyone to share with their loved ones. So I scooted close and said then I guess I’ll share with you and he said aww I love you too with the cheesiest smile on his face…literally makes my heart melt every time I think about it!


We are so stinking different. He grew up doing  kind of a freebird life. Where as I was your goody two shoes, church every Sunday, volunteer work, yes mom and yes dad kind of girl. So I think because of how we experienced life we both bring such a unique outlook on everything and can really open each other’s eyes to situations and experiences. We always say that if we had met any sooner than we did, we never would’ve worked…God most certainly knew what he was doing when he placed us in each other’s lives.

Mike is a huge video game nerd…has taken off work for days to play a newly realeased game. He plays the guitar and used to be in charge of his church band, and he has traveled across the United States with his best friend for an entire summer.

I know a limited amount of ASL, I love love love to sew, and I’ve played french horn for 18 years of my life!

Michael is kindhearted, funny, and generous

Maria is sweet, Godly, and compassionate

“I freaking love to go all out on people’s birthdays because I want to show them how much I appreciate and love them…so the first year we were dating I booked a weekend in Epcot for the beer and wine festival, just Mike and I…Mike had never been to Disney so this was a alot to take in for him! We were doing great in the beer tents but when we got to Mexico(the first damn country we visited) I decided to get a margarita because a coworker who had just went said they were amazing. Mike is always willing to try any beer so he gets his beer and I get the margarita…I’m lit off my ass within 4 sips(remember I don’t drink, like ever) well my coworker didn’t explain you have to go into the aztec pyramid for this drink, so I have the wrong one and it’s nothing but tequila. So now Mike is mixing tequila with the many beers he had already had (because you don’t waste an 11 dollar drink in disney) and he’s lit too…Mike is a big guy who NEVER gets drunk. So we’re drunk, sweaty, dehydrated, and probably hallucinating. The very next country is Norway and we physically couldn’t move on to Germany so we stood in line for over 90 minutes to ride the frozen ride with nothing but crying and screaming little girls. We are all sobered up by the time we get to the front and we get on this boat and everything is fine and dandy til that shit started going backwards…never again!! So got off the ride, sat in Germany and downed 2 bottles of water each. We learned we will never go back to Mexico…in Disney!”- Maria

I couldn’t live without Mike, my family, and my faith.

Mike couldn’t live without his loved ones (me included haha), beer, and friends.


I love how fun these shots are!!

The first dance!

I had to know someone that had used you and was immediately drawn in by how much fun they looked like they were having and how in love they looked. Mike and I want all the feels and memories on our wedding day and I know you will capture every bit of our quirkiness and love for us…and most importantly have fun doing it!