Moody Oak Lodge Engagement Session | Ashley + Brent

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We had originally planned to do these images outside…but as SWPA would have it, it rained sideways, hailed with high-winds and cold temperatures so plan B was to do them inside and honestly…I love these 1000x’s more than Plan A!

THEN she stepped out of the car with this gorgeous black long dress and I knew it was going to be an amazing day! Just imagine how incredible her wedding images are going to be!!!


OMG… this is so funny. So we were on a trip with my family at Duck, NC. I FORGOT MY CAMERA!! who forgets their camera?? which unknowingly messed up his plan .. hahah. so our second day there he asks me if I want to wake up early to watch the sunrise.. and Im like no.. we are on vaca .. I’m a total night owl. but I said okay anyways lol. We were in this huge house that had 3 porches facing the beach. So i envisioned us drinking caffeine on the porch .. since  it was late October and cold. So we wake up and I should have known something was up because he was wide awake and out of bed before I knew what was going on (… remember night owl). to the point I was still laying in bed and he’s asking if I still want to go… so now I am not thrilled to be rushed lol so I get up and we leave our room I start going up stairs to get caffeine and he starts going downstairs to the beach. So now I am confused and let out “i cant even get caffeine or water.. i thought we were just sitting on the porch” .. poor guy lol in which he insists we can go up and i annoyed at this point start walking down .. the sand is freezing of course lol we get down to the water.. and he’s shivering (which i should have known then too) so i wrap my arms around him and we watch the water. I actually took a video of the sunrise and sent it to his family lol .. then he tries to break away by pointing out something on the sand, which me being not a morning person was like its just seaweed.. lol I gave him such a hard time.. so then he comes back and notices an eyelash on my cheek. he pulls it off for me to make a wish… but the wind takes it.. I say oh thats bad luck.. and he says ” oh.. i really needed that wish” before I can even ask what that means he’s on one knee in the sand! 10.28.19. we carved pumpkins to announce our engagement 🙂

“I said I love you first! He was house sitting at the time. and invited me over for dinner. he made me shrimp tacos and we watched a movie. when we were all curled up and I just couldnt hold it in anymore… I had been dying to tell him for weeks. 1.15.19 I finally cracked lol he didn’t say it right away, but said it later that night. “- Ashley

“Last easter we were itching to go kayaking, even though we had a full day planned with family. we woke up early and went to a little creek by his parents house so we would have more time and not be late. we had never been to this place before. the floating dock almost made us both fall in… we get in and get going only to be caught in this little but strong current of rapids. which sounds crazier than it was, but it was strong.. and it pulled us down to this shallow area where gravel stopped us. but since it was early April, we did not have water shoes.. or towels. we had to get out in this freezing water barefoot and pull our kayaks back. we fought to get out of them still and ended up soaked! we went down the other side of the stream to try to battle the current and brent about flips over lol. thankfully we brought a change of clothes because we both had to change in the truck before going to Easter dinner with his family. “- Ashley

I couldn’t live without him! my family/ friends… and coffee.

Brent says… pizza, his dogs, and me.. when asked why i am last he says best for last.. *eye rolls*

oh gosh… he snores.. he likes to cook me dinner.. he hates coffee.. who hates coffee??

Brent says i HAVE to have coffee because I am not a morning person,  I like the little things, and I have cute giggle attacks lol

we love to be outside! kayaking is probably our favorite thing to do together. but basically anything outside, beach, walking, boating, skiing (which was our first trip together), and def traveling. when we were dating  we liked the movies, parties, going out. I like photography, but am a total amateur. But we often did that together too. he would wake up early with me , drive far, carry my bags lol just so I can play with the camera for an hour.


“I feel like we have a timeless love. the one your grandparents tell you about growing up. we fit so perfectly together and are a lot alike. i feel like it was love at first sight for me. we truly have so much fun together.”-Ashley

He is handsome, funny,  romantic

Brent says i’m caring, passionate, amazing