Mr. & Mrs. Boggio

       Don't lie-you've been up all night waiting for me to post some of these!! Just kidding-I told you Amanda, I'd try to have some of them done for you…
jen mcken
August 1, 2009
Babies & BelliesKids

Mr. Brody

               Mr. Brody came to visit me today for his 4 month portraits. You may remember him from several months ago when I shot his new born portraits...he's growing like…
jen mcken
July 30, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Hill

          I seem to really luck out when it comes to my clients…..I’m going to go knock on wood now because I get the coolest brides and grooms on earth! I…
jen mcken
July 26, 2009

Oscar & Dublin

                      Meet Oscar & Dublin…one is laid back and chill and the other…well, he’s still a puppy!                       Ms. Craig is Mallory’s daycare teacher and Mallory just adores her.  Becky contacted me to…
jen mcken
July 25, 2009