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Mr. Brody

By July 30, 2009 6 Comments

               Mr. Brody came to visit me today for his 4 month portraits. You may remember him from several months ago when I shot his new born portraits…he’s growing like a weed and his facial expressions have changed so much since then-Mom’s this is why it’s important to treasure every stage….. the first year especially! They change so much within the first year it’s unbelievable. I use to roll my eyes at other Mom’s when they said, “they grow up so fast” ….oh but it’s soo true…Can I get an a-men!! HAHAHA!!

                I tried to go for the “classic” look-I’m not all about the “fake & cheesy” backgrounds, you know the Sear’s and Walmart-esque portraits…..don’t get me wrong-there’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s certainly not my “style”. 

              I present to you……….. Mr. Brody!!! (Infant girls back off-he already has a prom date!!) LOL

Brody’s new born shoot:


………..and Brody at 4 months old…………….




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