Mr. & Mrs. Boggio

By August 1, 2009 2 Comments

       Don’t lie-you’ve been up all night waiting for me to post some of these!! Just kidding-I told you Amanda, I’d try to have some of them done for you by morning…I always follow thru 😉 Amanda got ready a local Bed and Breakfast Chez Nan…it was beautiful and had TONS of gorgeous light! It was the most calm “getting ready” I have ever shot. There was just something so serene about the whole process………and the rest of the day went just as perfect. 🙂

      I can tell the two of you put so much time and thought into every detail for today’s events and it turned out beautiful! It’s late and I’m quite tired so I tried to pull a few here and there. I hope these will hold you over until the rest are finished!!

       Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Boggio!


…………I had to include this one….the butt pinching Bride….LUV IT!! LOL 😉



  • Susan Boggio says:

    Jen, these are beautiful Thanks so much for being the very best photographer. Love them.

  • toni says:

    these are so good. i remember when they had their engagement session. good times. it looks like a beautiful wedding. i like the black with the dark purple flowers

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