Girl Next Door

By August 3, 2009 3 Comments

               I stole her away today……….from Mallory that is. She’s one of Mallory’s closest neighborhood friends. Literally, when we get home from wherever it is we are-the first thing Mallory does is jump out of the car to go knock on her door. The two of them are like peas and carrots (as they once said).  Today the two of them played on the porch with the guitar and cowboy hat-Panama Jack hat to be exact! I stood in the doorway watching for the longest time while Natalie strummed a tune (sort of) and Mallory danced around the sidewalk as if she were at a Woodstock concert. I got a good chuckle before bringing the camera out. A once shy gal turned into quite the “Country” girl next door. It’s hard to believe she’s just nine years old with those piercing blue eyes.

                 Thanks Natalie!! 🙂



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