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Grandma’s Cookie Jar

By December 13, 2009 2 Comments

It’sssssssssss cookie baking time! It’s a tradition at our house that several weeks before Christmas, the family bakes tons of sugar cookies–equipped with my Santa apron 🙂 This year we had an extra special jar to put them in when they were finished. My Grandma had given me her old glass cookie jar-the very jar we use to raid as children when visiting her house. It’s simply a glass jar with the word “COOKIES” printed in brown letters-simple, to the point….yet holds so many memories for me. Now we get to fill that very same jar with our own memories…in some strange way it’s almost like a time capsule.

Do any of you remember* this blog * from last year? I promise, no extra ingredients were added this time around! Tee he he

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as much as we are. For some strange feeling-I seem to enjoy the holidays a leeeeetle bit more as an adult. I think because I get to watch my daughter go through the experience with bright eyes and wonder. It’s parental magic! 🙂


baking cookies1-web

baking cookies3-web


baking cookies2-webbaking cookies4-web


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