Mallory brought home a family activity which consisted of making a snowman using anything we wanted. They included some construction paper with a small scrap of paper with directions. The point—to have the family spend quality time while doing crafts then the kids get to take them to school to display. I’m not quite sure how this one will be hung on the wall, but here lays Frosty……..the had been snow man. If you look closely you can see his head is almost melted completely, a carrot nose and scarf….but at the very bottom is one of his buttons. Mallory was so excited she asked me if she could sleep with it! I told her no because she might WET the bed….Tee he he!!

melted frosty-web

On a separate note, I really just wanted to try out my new toy. I mentioned on Facebook the other day, I made the Mother Ship of all orders—one of which was the nifty fifty 1.2 Canon 50 mm. I had it before-but it went bye bye when felling out of my bag, down a pew and onto the floor. I wanted to cry—literally. Anyone who is interested in Photography can tell you, the equipment-especially the pro equipment isn’t exactly cheap. So today when the new lens came, I did a small (ok rather large, so large in fact my neighbors probably wandered what the heck was going on) Happy Dance.  Several other things came today as well….but not my item from the “Something Store”. It’s the least expensive order I placed, yet the one I’m the MOST-EST-EST excited about. I’ll be blogging after it comes…..which should have came earlier this week—but who’s counting!! :-/

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