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Gramma Boggio…

By January 24, 2010 5 Comments

This woman has been instrumental to so many people, and although she’s not technically my Grandma, she goes out of her way to make everyone feel as if they are an extension of her family! I’ve known her more than 15 years  which is as long as Maria and I have been best friends. She’s spunky, she’s genuine but most of all she’s the cutest little Italian woman in her 90’s! I love her mannerisms, I love her smile and I love to hear her tell stories of her younger years. I can see why her grandchildren adore her so!

This morning, my best friend Maria and I spend a few hours admiring her in the kitchen. She greeted us at the door with hugs and kisses and lead us into the kitchen where she had been making her famous spaghetti sauce since 5:30 am. As she got to work making the meatballs, I couldn’t help but to admire her process. A little of this, a little of that, a taste of this, a taste of that. No measuring cups or spoons just a pinch of one and a handful of another.

Although she wasn’t keen on having her photos taken, both Maria and I kept her busy by asking her lots of questions…before two long, she forgot I had the camera. I will mention that the majority of these were taken without having the camera up to my face…meaning I was shooting and praying they would come out. I wanted to capture “the simple” things that we often forget. Maria, and the rest of the Boggio family, I hope that I’ve preserved a bit of history for you that you can pass down to the next generation and the next: Grandma Boggio at her finest! 🙂






  • Maria says:

    I love the picture of her on the telephone. I remember when I was little, and she would talk in Italian on the phone to her sister. I would sit under the dining room table and listen to her. Now that I live across the street, I sit on my front porch in the summer and I can hear her on the phone….I will always remember that.

  • Ben says:

    Lots of meatballs fed that neighborhood over the years. I remember going down there after church every sunday. You knew you were in the neighborhood when you started smelling the bread baking a couple doors down at the bakery. Hi grandma…Hiya!, she would reply. Her white hair poking out over top of the bushes in front of her porch. Great pictures Jen.

  • Jamie says:

    Jen, these photos are wonderful!! Each one takes me back to such a memorable time with my Gram. Between her singing my sisters and I to sleep, to making us breakfast as soon as we woke up, to her taking us for walks all around B-ville. She has been the best part of our lives, and I’m grateful that others got to experience her the same way. These photos will be truly treasured by our family and friends!!

  • Jen McKen says:

    hands down, the sweetest, most genuine and selfless woman I’ve had the honor of knowing. <3 She wasn't technically my grandma, but she sure had a way of making us feel like we were part of the family! She was such an amazing woman ....and she made some pretty awesome meatballs!! <3 I sure am going to miss her!

  • Ben Boggio says:

    couldn’t have captured it any better Jen. Just revisited this and the picture with the phone is one of my favorites. she was always connected to the neighborhood and her family. i will really miss hearing “Hi Ya” from her front porch.

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