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By January 23, 2010 2 Comments

Ok, so I think I got all of the “bugs” worked out with the new blog-site….although, I’m not 100% sure I’m done “tweaking it”. If you know me well enough, then you will KNOW that I love change–perhaps that’s why I’m a photographer. Nothing is hardly EVER the same. Anywho, with that said, if you happen back to my blog and it looks, “different” don’t be scared, I’m just experimenting :). I’m really excited to start using the new photo features, I think it will just help in navigating the blog a lot better 🙂

I’ve been enjoying my downtime lately, I’ve been very productive working on some plans for 2010. I have a project coming up (hopefully by May) that I will be launching. I’m really excited about it. Until then, my lips are SEALED! If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw me (annoyingly) post a million posts about my office furniture. Yes, I know, I’m a dork but cut a sista a break…I’m EXCITED. Not only am I venturing out with my new project, but I gave my office a makeover, my walls a makeover (although my Grandma would probably cringe) I wanted a “fun” creative space to work in. I was inspired to decorate my office after one of my friends told me that she’d just finished decorating her home office. Sometimes changing some things around in your office can make all the difference to your work, it almost motivates you to do more. My friend told me that you can buy your office furniture online which made the process of choosing furniture a lot easier. I mean, I do spend a lot of my time in front of my computer, so this office deserved a new look. Hopefully, my Facebook posts should improve now! I’m clearly NOT finished with decorating the space yet, the canvas’s I’ve ordered and other products haven’t come in yet, but I’m loving how it’s come so far 🙂

So there ya have it, a glimpse into my world. Chances are if I’m editing, answering emails, scheduling events or putting together albums… THIS is where ” I BE” 🙂


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