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By January 12, 2010 3 Comments

I highly recommend that if you are in need of video production… them—for real! Awesome guys, easy to work with and incredibly professional. I  hung out behind the scenes today with Joe, Jay and Chris with OrionVega while they did a shoot for “Intro to Drugs” paid for with the Armstrong-Indiana Drug Free Communities Grant thru the Armstrong-Indiana Drug and Alcohol Commission (  This will be a short documentary of a teens bedroom. Without going into too much detail, it helps to educate parents on drug trends, hiding spots and tips to find out if their teen is hiding or using drugs in their bedrooms. It also will talk about the difference between invading your teens privacy and being a “Parent”.

Here’s a few shots of todays behind the scenes. Like I said before, go check these guys out.  Their work is Awesome-Tastic (it’s the word of the day…tee he he)


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