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I’m not even sure where to begin with this one! I mean, typically when I’m out shooting we make new friends….you know people are curious about what we are doing or just because I’ll talk to ANYBODY, it’s just who I am…those of you who know me well–know what I mean!! Tee he he

Today we made three new friends, Jarred the cute Tate’s boy, some random guy who was watching us from afar then decided to let out a WOOO,  we got some honks by some passerbyers and became BFF’s with a security officer….long story! LOL But the Tate’s boy was a good sport and even allowed me to take his photo 🙂 …haha!! He has a girlfriend ladies…but he helped us out with a few shots! Ahhh, small town life!! 🙂

All you local folk…..these photos were taken in Clymer, PA….and if you know where that is-it’s a small town with one red light. I knew as soon as she got out of the car….she was no pretty flowers and field girl. She wanted something a little bit more edgy and urban…so the walk began in downtown Clymers-Burg, this is how we met our friends 🙂 Maybe I should change my sentence at the top of the blog to “Photography for FUN and FRIENDLY people!!” Tee he he

PS: Jarred the Tate’s boy is at the end of the blog! HI JARRED!!!! 🙂

Well Amanda, I hope you don’t think I’m too weird……………and remember, there is water under that bridge!! LOL

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